In Memorium
Updated 5/30/2021
So far 10% of our 1971 graduates have graduated from life.


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Pauline Aguilar
Pauline Aguilar 
Obituary  Memorium   Cemetary

Gary Baker
Gary Baker  Obituary 

DeeAnn Beard
DeeAnn Beard More Info

bruce barnes
Bruce Barnes   Cemetary

julie bohn
Julie Bohn  Obituary  Cemetary

John Borseth
John Borseth Obituary

Victor Bradley
Victor Bradley

John Buehler
John Buehler  Obituary   Cemetary

joe bullen
Joseph Bullen  Cemetary  Funeral

Jannet Burton
Jennet Burton  Obituary     Cemetary

frank casebolt
Frank Casebolt

Dan Casey
Dan Casey  Obituary

Sharon Casciola
Sharon Casciola Obituary

victor collette
Victor Collette Obituary

Cathy Contreras Obituary

dorothy cox
Dorothy Cox  Obituary

Marsha Dustin
Marshann Dustin Obituary

dave fletcher
Dave Fletcher  
News articles

Gary Fox
Gary Fox  Obituary

Gilda Franklin
Gilda Franklin  Obituary

Robert Frisbey
Robert (Bob) Frisbey Obituary    Cemetary

greg fronk
Greg Fronk  Cemetary  Obituary

Curtis Galvez
Curtis Galvez

Ed Gardiner
Ed Gardiner Obituary

brent grover
Brent Grover   Cemetary

max gemar
Max Gemar   Cemetary

Wayne Hadley
Wayne Hadley Obituary

patricia hall
Patricia Hall

Kent Hayes
Kent Hayes  Obituary  Cemetary

Shari Henningson
Shari Henningson

Neioma Herrera
Neioma Herrera Obituary

Kathy Hess
Kathy Hess
Obituary    Cemetary

Charles Hill
Charles Hill   Obituary

Pam Hill
Pam Hill

Jay Holmes
Jay Holmes

Joann Jacobson
Joann Jacobson

shalese jones
Shalese Jones

Charles Julian
Charles Julian   Cemetary

Adele Kunz
Adele Kunz  Obituary
Deseret News obituary  Cemetary

Randy Lane
Randy Lane Obituary

Linda Lawrence
Linda Lawrence

Jim Leishman
Jim Leishman
 Obituary   Cemetary

Jimmy Martinez
Jimmy Martinez

Manuel Martinez
Manuel Martinez Obituary

merlyne martinez
Merlyne Martinez

susanna martinez
Susanna Martinez Obituary

Tom Maruri
Tom Maruri Obituary   Cemetary

Scott Maxwell
Scott Maxwell  Obituary   Cemetary

Bob Mckay
Bob Mckay News article
Obituary   Cemetary

frank casebolt
Deborah Morley

Michelle Needham
Mary Michelle Needham Goehring

Shauna Nielsen
Shauna Nielsen Josephson
Obituary   Cemetary

Anna Pacheco
Anna Pacheco

Robyn Palmer
Robyn Palmer  Obituary  Memorial   Cemetary

Tom Pate
Tom Pate  Obituary   Cemetary

Kathleen Price
Kathleen Price  Obituary   Cemetary

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts Obituary

Dave Robins
Dave Robins

Patty Royer
Patricia Royer Obituary

NewBob Salerno
Bob Salerno Hall of Fame
Legend of Snowbasin Tribute

Gene Sase
Gene Sase Obituary

Cindy Savage
Cindy Savage

James Schow
James Schow
 Obituary  Cemetary

donald schulze
Donald Schulze

jody stettler
Jody Stettler

Randy Thorsted
Randy Thorsted 

Laurie Watson
Laurie Watson 
Cemetary   Photos

Jan Wilbur
Jan Wilbur Obituary

Dian Woodhouse
Dian Woodhouse Obituary

Reed Affleck Obituary  Cemetary
Garth Malan Obituary
Clyde Martinez
George Martinez
Buddy Reed - 5/5/1952 - 2/6/1980(Utah)  Cemetary
Rick Singleton  Cemetary  News article
Victor Trask


Blaine Anderson
Blaine Anderson Obituary

doreen bardsley
Doreen Bardsley Obituary

Don S. Brimhall
Don S. Brimhall Obituary

David Carrigan
David Carrigan Obituary

Alvin R. Carter
Alvin R. Carter Obituary

Jeremy Child
Jeremy Child Obituary

martha collins
Martha Collins Obituary

Ruth Darrington
Ruth Darrington Obituary

Phil Dotson
Phil Dotson Obituary

melba datwyler
Melba Datwyler Obituary

Fred Draayer Obituary

Arlo Elwood
Arlo Elwood Obituary

Vivian Empey
Vivian Empey Obituary

Virginia Geddes Eyestone
Virginia Geddes Eyestone Obituary

Robert E. Francis
Robert E. Francis Obituary

Sterling Gardner
Sterling Gardner Obituary

Allen Godfrey
Allen Godfrey Obituary

William Gardner
William Gardner Obituary

rebecca gillespie
Rebecca Gillespie

Beverly Hansen
Beverly Hansen Obituary   Cemetary

Loren Heiner Cemetery

Herbert Hillier
Herbert Hillier Obituary

Farr Hodge
Farr Hodge Obituary

Marvin Hoggan
Marvin Hoggan Obituary

Maude Holmes
Maude Holmes Obituary

Delyle Jensen
Delyle Jensen Obituary

norma johns
Norma Johns Obituary

Dorothy Loughton
Dorothy Loughton Obituary

arlene lucas
Arlene Lucas Obituary

Veda Mortensen
Veda Mortensen Cemetery

Adonna Nye
Adonna Nye Obituary

Richard Palmer
Richard Palmer Obituary

Joyce Peterson Obituary

Gloria Rippon
Gloria Rippon Obituary Cemetary 

James Ruiz
James Ruiz Obituary

Dora Russell
Dora Russell Obituary

Ralph Russo
Ralph Russo Obituary   Cemetary

charles smith
Charles Smith Obituary

Elmer Sommers
Elmer Sommers Obituary

Henry Sato
Henry Sato Obituary

lawanna shurtliff
Lawanna Shurtliff News article

Katherine Fran Stokes
Katherine Fran Stokes 

joseph stott
Joseph Stott Obituary

NewWilliam Taylor
William Taylor Obituary

Edward Thorsted
Edward Thorsted Obituary

Lucetta Thompson
Lucetta Thompson Obituary

William W. Terry
William W. Terry  Obituary    Cemetary

Jane Thomas
Jane Thomas Obituary

wayne van dyke
Wayne Van Dyke Obituary

Cornelius Visser
Cornelius Visser