Thomas (Tim) D. Dee

1575 Devonshire

Salt Lake City, UT  84108

(801) 583-0307




Comments from 2011:
Well, 10 more years and still not many changes. The dogs have changed - the two we had back in 2001 are gone, and now we have a really cute Blue Merle Australian Shepherd / Border Collie mix. Our boys are 10 years older, 30 and 28. Both done with college and grad school. Now what we ask?

Comments from 2001:
Since the last update – has it really been 10 years? – not a whole lot has changed. Still living in Salt Lake, still slaving away for IHC, still blissfully married to Candy. I also do some volunteer work for McKay-Dee Hospital and Foundation, University of Utah, and The Nature Conservancy.

Nate, now 20, is in college in California – yea, one down (almost). Matt (not Tyler), now 18, just about to graduate from high school and is planning college as well. Only the dogs have changed in that time: BO, a black lab with a sweet disposition; and Jessie, a terrier mix – feisty, we don’t mess with her. With time off I still like to ski, golf, fish, bike, and travel (recently took up diving with the boys), and puttering around the house and yard.


Comments from 1991:

I graduated from Lewis & Clark College, Portland, in 1975 and worked at McKay-Dee Hospital from 1975-76. I graduated from the U of U in 1978 and moved to Seattle. I worked with shared medical systems as an information systems consultant. I married Candace Cartwright and have one son Nate, 10, and another son, Tyler Dee, 8. I moved back to Salt Lake City and have worked with Intermountain Health Care for the last 9 years. I'm still married and am now trying to simplify my life--not easy, but it's all fun.