Steven H. Rounds


Comments from 2011:

Everything that was supposed to happen, has happened. Life is good.


Comments from 1991:

1971 to 1980 are hazy at best in Salt Lake City. I spent more years that I care to mention looking for my niche in college. I almost found it. I was lured away from my educational pursuit by the almighty green back and worked for an engineering firm until finding my freedom in 1980. Since 1980, (Yahoo!) I found freedom and fresh air in boomtown, Wyoming. I moved to Evanston in late 1980 to work for another engineering company. After a couple of years, I was hired by the county as the County Surveyor and still hold that position. In 1985, I met and married my wife, Peggy, and I have a 15-year-old stepson. In the last year, I have been named chairman of the Uinta County Human Services Board and, based strictly on my untarnished reputation in high school, I was appointed for a two-year term on the local school board. Groovy.