Scott Giles

838 N Alvaro Cir

Mesa, AZ  85205





Comments from 2016:

What has happened in your life since your last update or graduation from OHS?: I have lived in Mesa Arizona for the last thirty years. My wife and I have 6 kids, 16 grand kids, and 1 great grand child. Looking forward to retirement in another year. My wife and I are going to spend a few years traveling. I have had the opportunity of spending a lot of time on the Navajo and Apache reservations where I have been able to make a lot of friends with the Native Americans. I was taught to play the Native American Cedar flute by a Navajo Friend. My flutes have taken me on an amazing journey. I have been able to perform for a wide variety of audiences. I love exploring ancient Native American Ruins. I am fortunate to live in Arizona because of the many Ancient sites. I love the Boy Scouts and have had the opportunity to work with them for over twenty years. Life has been an awesome adventure with all of it's ups and downs.