Sandra Stotts Dean

7987 Merrington Pl.

San Diego, CA  92126


Comments from 1991:

Twenty years?! Has it been that long since we trudged up and down all those staircases at Ogden High? So, what would anyone really like to know? I survived the battle of the books and graduated from Utah State. I met Steve while giving blood at the U. of U., pretty romantic, huh? Life has been wonderful, thus far. We lived in a roach infested apt. in S. Boston, a mansion in Brookline, Mass., working as a butler and cook and then back to reality to a two-bedroom house in Salt Lake. We then traded pine trees for palm trees and moved to San Diego. I have had jobs as a waitress in Hawaii, exercise instructor, Registered Dietician, Halloween costume designer, and now I'm painting murals on walls and advertisements on storefront windows. The best job of all is mother to four children.