Sally Rollins Adams   

1112 N. 3000 E.

Layton, UT  84040

(801) 544-9316




Comments from 2001:

Hi!  Seems like the ten years went by fast! I live in Layton.  I'm still married to the same man, Howard Adams from Layton, with three kids.  My daughter, the oldest just got married on July 20th of this year.  I work at LDS Hospital as a Cardiopulmonary Perfusionist and run the heart-lung bypass, the artificial heart and ventricular assist devicesand I'm actively involved in medical research.  I've been in that profession since 1977.  Since 1991, lots has happened, I've blown up my knee skiing with a resultant ACL repair, and was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 1995, and found myself spending some time at the City Of Hope enduring a bone marrow transplant.  I am the only survivor of my test group and got a two page write-up in USA Today.  I'm still a mad skiier and bicyclist and last Saturday did the Snow Basin Hill Climb.    In my spare time I do genealogy and gave gotten one family back to 1599.  Catch me on Thursdays at the Family History Library in SLC!