Randy Skanchy



Comments from 2001:

I am sorry I missed this year's reunion as we were out of town. When we received the invitation, I looked up our web page site and enjoyed reading the notes from classmates. I have been living in Salt Lake for the last 21 years and I am always surprised at how many Ogden High graduates I bump into. I live close to Bruce Barker and Alta Lowe and we have children in the same schools so we have ocassion to keep up on each other. I used to keep in touch with David Christensen, but he is too elusive these days, and have had ocassion to bump into Terry Buckner, Kurt Galvez, Phil Hogan and Marilyn Enomoto. I enjoy those associations very much.
I married late, in 1983, and after my wife Sue obtained a Masters Degree in business from the University we started our family. Accordingly when I read that many of you have grandchildren, it shocks me, as my children are 14, 12 and 8. We are having a great time being parents, making it through each day and otherwise trying to make life better for having lived here. See you at the next reunion.