Patricia Manus Newey

115 South St.

Dwight, KS  66849

(785) 482-3474


Comments from 1991:

After graduating from OHS, I married Les B. Newey on June 30, 1972. He also went to Ogden High for a short period of time. After we were married, we lived in Ogden for a year. Les joined the Army and was a track wheel mechanic. We were first stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado, living in Colorado Springs for four years. During our stay there, we were blessed with a baby girl, Brandy Lee. In 1977, the Army sent us to Freiburg, Germany, where we were blessed with another baby girl named Frankie Maxine. We stayed in Germany for three years, while able to travel around and see many places such as Belgium, Holland, Berlin and visiting old castles and learning of cultures of other countries. In 1980, we were sent to Ft. Riley, Kansas, where we had our third and last child, Joshua Les. Les had to go to Korea for a year, so we stayed in Kansas. In 1983, the Army sent us to Ft. Hood, Texas. After staying a year in Texas, we went back to Germany and stayed there for three years. Now we are at Ft. Riley, Kansas again and have lived here for four years. We have two more years in the Army until we retire. We are really looking forward to getting out and having our own home and not having to move anymore. We have really enjoyed the service, but we are ready to get out.