Nancy Graham

1730 Binford

Ogden, UT  84401

(801) 621-8604





Comments from 1991:

During my senior year at OHS, I worked part-time (afternoons) at Hill AFB; I continued with that job through my first year of college at Weber State. In 1973, I began to work full-time at Weber State and continued with undergraduate studies at night school. During the next nine years, I progressed through Weber State in various secretarial, administrative assistant, and program management positions.

In 1982, I transferred to a civil-service position at Hill AFB; in 1983, I was selected for a career opportunity to enter into an "Explosives Safety Specialist" for the Armament (munitions) Division. In this position, I work with system engineers in evaluating the design-safety criteria for weapons and munitions items being considered for the Air Force application; I also develop risk/hazard safety analyses for ongoing surveillance test projects of inventory weapons and munitions.

I am single (divorced), and have no children. Two years ago, I bought an older home in the Ogden east bench area. I love this state and its scenic splendor! I enjoy traveling, theatre, "goldie oldies" Rock-N-Roll, and simple pleasures. In my spare time, I work with local area high schools as choreographer for their musical-theatre productions. One of my goals is to. . .someday. . .complete that undergraduate degree.