Michelle Nowak Evans

177 Rosemary Street

Richland, WA   99352

(509) 628-1982


E-Mail:  suzevans@utah.uswest.net


Comments from 2001:

What has happened in my life since 1991?  Sheesh! My kids all grew up.  Two have graduated from the university, one is attending a university, and a fourth is a senior in high school this 2001-2002 school year.  One daughter is married.  My husband, Richard, had an aortic valve replacement.  I earned a masters degree, a math endorsement and am working on a reading endorsement.  I won the Huntsman and the Milken teaching awards.  Richard and I have done some traveling.  We are currently serving an inner city mission.  We are just happy to be alive, the kids are great, life is full and good.  If the next 10 years go by as quickly, I'll blink and our next reunion will be in the activity center in the nursing home.  But we'll still pop wheelies and do the 100 yd. dash in record time to the bedpans.


Comments from 1991:

How do you summarize the last twenty years of a happy life and not make it sound like a Christmas brag letter? Worse yet, it must pass the tough standards of all who enjoyed Beverly Hansen's English classes!

It is as difficult for me to believe that twenty years have passed as it is for me to look up to my 6'3" fifteen year old son. I fear someday I'll only be eye level to his belly button! But enough digression.

I attended Weber State College and majored for at least two quarters each in English, French, History, Accounting, Psychology, Music, and Microbiology. I liked them all and just couldn't make up my mind! After having worked as a waitress, pharmacist's assistant, credit manager for a local lumber store, dental assistant, and dental technician, I married Richard Evans and began making stained glass windows in my home. Remember the huge piano windows on John Dunkley's building on 12th and Washington? Those were two of mine.

As my fourth child (one boy, three girls) approached kindergarten age, I decided to go back to college and find out what I was going to be when I grew up. I finally graduated in Education with over 250 hours in 1986. I finished my masters at Weber State University this spring, 1991, and have plans to go on. The masters is why I'm not at the reunion. A month before the reunion notice came, my husband presented me with a graduation present--tickets for the whole family to see Phantom of the Opera.

My life is great! My kids are wonderful! And best of all, my garden died, so I won't have to can it this fall! See you at the 25th!