Marianne Brewer Gourley   

542 S. Silver Lane

Alpine, UT 84004




Comments from 2001:

The last 10 years have been busy.  Raising 4 children through adolescence - (lovingly known as the brain dead years) was challenging and rewarding.  My husband Brent and I have put our time into scouting (we managed to get 3 eagle scouts - mainly because they couldn't drive until the boy's had their eagle scout and a 3.0 GPA - It was amazing what Clout that had with the boys).  And they pressed it to the limits with the grades.  But they did it.  I have been involved in the children's sports, community activities and school activities ( I was even the PTA president for Farmington Jr. High).  My youngest son was really big in marching band and was the Tuba man.  When my daughter Michelle got into school I tried teaching preschool and assisting the Davis county school system.  Then I substituted for many years.  I have been working a lot in church that has kept me busy.  As my boys got older Brett (my oldest) went on a mission to Japan.  Then, Paul (second son) went 2 years later to Salvador Brazil.  Now they are going to the U of U.  No wedding yet.  Now 3rd son Craig (two years later) is on a mission to Carlsbad, CA.  Last year Brent and I took on the challenge of building a house in Alpine.  We were the contractors and project managers.  It was quite an under taking.  But we now have a wonderful house and live in a great area.  Last year was the year of the house and this year is the year of putting in the yard.  I will be glad to have grass again.  We left our last area of Farmington in which we lived for 20 years.  We moved because it was closer to my husband's work and it was hard to deal with the I-15 construction.  We seemed to have made it through with just a few disagreements.  We have been married for 27 years.  My husband has been working for Layton Construction in upper management on several project areas in the the valley. At this time I'm trying to get my daughter adjusted to the new area and she is almost 16, which means driving and dating.  Heaven help us!