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Comments from 2016:

I work for Intermountain Healthcare as an appeals specialist in their corporate office. I have six children with spouses and 22 grandchildren. Life is good.

Comments from 2001:

Much has happened since the last reunion. I still have 6 great children. Three of them have married and have given me 5 grandchildren with one on the way in November. One is on a mission in Washington D.C. and my 18 year old just graduated from high school. I also have a 12 year old son. I am recently divorced from my husband but I am hanging in there with great support from family and friends. I'm working as a secretary in Ogden and loving it.

See you at the reunion.


Comments from 1991:

Twenty years have passed, it's hard to believe

Many choice experiences have been mine to receive.

I went to college at Weber State

I found a great man, we began to date.

We married and started a family right away

Our firstborn Bryce (17 1/2) wants to be a C.P.A.

Then came Katee (16) with beautiful features

She wants to be a kindergarten teacher.

Trent (13 1/2) and David (10) were numbers three and four

Their lives surround sports and the winning score.

Emily (8 1/2) was our last or so we were thinking

But Troy (3) came along and caught us all blinking.

If you're thinking this rhyme is so very corny

Blame my kids who didn't want this to be boring.

Anyway, Mel (my husband) is the Bishop and I'm in P.T.A.

With three teenagers, life is hectic every day.

We've been very blessed and very happy

And this is the end of a poem that is sappy!