Leara Osborne

5983 South 2700 West

Taylorsville,UT 84129-2451


Email: learasemail@yahoo.com

Comments from 2011:

Happily married to Lynn Bernhard(a busy dedicated Civil Engineer), six children of my own and with 12 children from Lynn's first marriage we have 18 children total and 58 grandchildren. A member of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Ring of Tatters, Bonneville Tatters, Utah Quilt Guild, International Old Lacers, Inc. I just finished serving a part-time LDS Church service mission. You can find me on Facebook.


Comments from 1991:

After graduating from OHS, I spent the next ten years living in the Portland, Oregon area raising six children as well as surviving being married to the Chief of Police for a small town just west of Portland, named Yamhill. While in Oregon, I worked for Evergreen International Airlines, and was instrumental in revising the Pilot's Operating Manual for the DC-8, DC-9 and Boeing 727 planes, meeting Federal Regulations.

Then, I got divorced and moved back to Utah where I was Administrative Secretary to Mr. Ken Alford at Mount Ogden Middle School for 2 1/2 years, then went to work at Morton Thiokol as a typographer, reprographics equipment operator and clerk for three years. I bought the kids and myself a home in Garland to be closer to work. I got laid off in February, 1990 and then went to work for La-Z-Boy as a seamstress, and then decided to better my employment opportunities so this last spring, I relocated to West Valley and am looking for a new career.

I'll most likely be unable to attend the reunion due to the fact that my fiancÚ is presently stationed at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi for eight months attending school, and I'll be headed that way the time of the reunion to visit him. Paul's an electronic technician, as well as in the Utah National Air Guard and has a job at Delta waiting for him when he returns. Together, we enjoy kite-flying, videos, radio controlled airplanes, fishing, camping, reading, swimming, etc. My hobbies are fishing, camping, tatting, cross-stitch and desktop publishing and genealogy. I am affiliated with the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and Parents Without Partners. Good luck to you all!