Michael Kim Barrett

177 Rosemary Street

Richland, WA  99352

(509) 628-1982


E-Mail:  mkbarret@gte.net


I graduated from Weber State in Accounting in 1975 and am a Certified Public Accountant. I married a great lady Vickie Wheaton from St. Joseph High (1/2 block from my house growing up) in 1976. We have three children - Krista, 22, is a senior in Elementary Ed at Washington State Univ.; Ryan 20 is at Columbia Basin College in mechanical engineering and was the valedictorian of his high school class; and my youngest Holly 16 is an honor student sophomore at Richland High. Great kids all three Ė give Vickie the credit.

Iíve been a fed all my working life 1975-79 Forest Service and IRS in Ogden, 1979-91 Navy and Bureau of Reclamation in SLC, 1991-99 Dept of Energy in Idaho Falls, ID, and 1999 to present Dept of Energy in Richland WA. Iím the Contracts Director for the DOE Office of River Protection, on the largest environmental cleanup project in the U.S. treating the Hanford site radioactive tank wastes left over from the Cold War days. Looking forward to an early civil servantís retirement. I still love to golf but the years of family and work obligations and old age have eroded my game. We love to travel and always enjoy visiting Las Vegas and Southern California. The hair loss gods have not been kind to me so there be no pictures on this site. Would love to hear from anyone by e-mail mkbarret@gte.net.