Kent T. Kiernan  

23010 NE 18th Ct.

Sammamish, WA 98074

(425) 898-9457




Comments from 2001:

I returned to WSU Dept of Public Safety in August of 1991. Married Deborah Tessean on February 14,1992. I moved five blocks from my momís house to the corner of 32nd and Tyler. Increasing my family size by four more children presented new transitional challenges for the next six years. One example would be on a vacation trip to Yellowstone when they nicknamed themselves "The Brady Bunch from Hell." Looking back, I can see why in later vacations we opted for fifteen passenger vans or large houseboats over a pick-up truck and camper.

I realized when walking through those marble halls of Ogden High, during my childrenís activities, how many memories I have stored there. I have enjoyed renewing old relationships with teachers and friends whose influences have impacted who I became. It is great to see how the "old million-dollar school" has got better with age.

Life continued pretty normal for a blended family of ten until July 8,1993 when I was involved in a shooting at WSU in the Shephard UB. The UB so many of us spent our time honing our pool playing skills. I was requested at the last minute to sit in on a third and final grievance hearing involving three students that were involved in an on going domestic dispute. The hearing went on without incident until the closing moments when the one young man stood up and fired at the husband, and the second shot hit me in my left thumb and under my right eye. Even after eight years, I still cannot recall the 33 seconds that we exchanged 16 shots. In that short period of time, four people were injured, one of which would later die, and none of those remaining twelve peopleís lives in that room would ever be the same again. I received a smaller and improved nose, several awards for my actions, and the realization that life in its self is truly a blessing.

That same year our 1st grandson, Bailey was born. My oldest children, Cassie and Chris continued to bless us with three more grandchildren: Samuel in 1996, Rylee in 1997 and Alex in 1998. My twin teenage daughters, Rachel and Rebecca will graduate from St Joseph in 2002 and are enjoying their roles as spoiling aunts. In the summer of 1999, I decided to make enormously large steps of faith by pulling up my roots by retiring from Weber State, divorcing Deborah and relocating to Sammamish, Washington. It was a difficult decision. As I stepped out of my comfort zone, I also reconnected with my old running companion, Barbara Clayton. Within the last two years, I married Barb on April 15, 2000, and increased my family by two daughters, Melissa and Patty. I enrolled and graduated from professional coaching school and in March of 2001 put out my shingle as a certified professional coach. I now have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and rely on him to help guide me as I balance the triangle of learning, changing and defining, who I am and what the important steps are to being "passionate for life".



Comments from 1991:

My primary employer is Weber State University. I work in the Public Safety Department as a Police Officer. I am also employed part-time by Pleasant View Police Department. I am presently awaiting a work release from the doctors because of injuries sustained December 22, 1990. I was assisting a stalled motorist on HWY 89 when my Patrol car was rear-ended by a drunk-driver.

I am a divorced father of four children: Cassie, 15, Chris, 14, Rachel, 7, and Rebecca, 7. I am engaged to Debbie Tessean. After we are married, we will have a combined family of eight children.

I am a member of the Ogden Elks #719 and the Golden Spike Vintage Car Club. I am actively involved with the Law Enforcement Torch Run to benefit Utah Special Olympics. I am the past president of the Weber Regional Training and the Weber County School District Safety Committee. I have assisted in developing several crime prevention brochures and programs in use in Weber County.

My future plans include returning to work, getting married, completing a university degree, and restoring my '71 Chevy Nova (the yellow bomb has been laid to rest).