Keith Stratford

81 S. 2775 E.

Layton, UT  84040



Update from 2001:

4 Children

    1 - Married

    1 - LDS Mission (Nagoya Japan)

    1 - Weber State Student, Playing Womens Soccer

    1 - Layton High School (Jr)

Western Medical Devices - Still selling medical equipment,  video/endoscopy/arthroscopy equipment, as an independent contractor.

Teaching skiing on weekends @ Powder Mountain.  Enjoying backpacking, hunting, soccer, scouting & church service.



A Memorable Moment from High School:

One day during lunch break in the commons area I was talking to Julie Daz - "The Head Cheerleader"- whom I had a secret crush on for years.  I could not believe it, she was actually talking to me.  Trying to be cool and not to embarrassed myself, I engaged in an intellectual conversation about her ballet class.  She told me how hard some of her dance moves were.  So to prove how cool I was, I said I could do those same moves.  I put my feet together and pointed my knees out.  As I dipped low I heard a loud rip.  My tight corduroy pants ripped in a very sensitive area. Julie looked down and shouted with delight " Orange Boxers!".  Needless to say my face matched my boxers and my crush on Julie remained my secret.

Thanks Julie for a great memory.


Comments from 1991:

Since high school, I have graduated from Weber State with a B.S. in Science and a B.A. in Business from Utah State. I have served an LDS mission to Alabama/Florida and held several key leadership positions in the LDS church. My employment has centered around the medical sales industry. I have worked for Surgikos (disposable surgical supplies), and Cardiac Pacemakers Inc, (implantable pacemakers). I now have my own business as an independent distributor for endoscopic video cameras (Dyonics, Inc.) and other endoscopic products. I still teach skiing at Powder Mountain Ski School and am actively involved in training/certifying instructors.

I have four great children ages 6, 8, 9 and 14. I married Janelle Waite (Clearfield '73). We enjoy the outdoors, hunting, archery and sports. My greatest success has come as being a hard, honest worker and raising a wonderful family. I am happy with who and what I am.