Kathy Stevens Mower   

3310 Twin Peaks Dr.

Layton, UT  84040

(801) 544-9746

E-Mail: kmower@lifetime.com


Comments from 2001:

In 1991, our family moved to Layton, where we presently reside.  This was a great move for us.  Barry has served as Bishop in our ward for the last seven years, and I am presently serving in the YW organization.  Four of our children have graduated from WSU.  One of our sons is serving an LDS mission, and our last two children are in high school now.  In the last 10 years we have added two daughter-in-laws, one son-in-law, and four grandsons to our ever-growing family.  Barry and I love being grandparents.

We sold American Playworld, Inc. in 1994 and have focused our attention on Lifetime Products.  Lifetime is the largest retailer of basketball equipment in the United States.  We presently have over 1200 employees.  I have continued to be involved in the accounting end of the business.

I have server on the Davis School Board of Trustees and the Alumni Board at WSU.  Our family's interests include volleyball, basketball, golf, soccer and travleing together as a family.


Comments from 1991:

After high school, I attended Weber State College graduating with a certificate of proficiency in Office Administration. I married Barry Mower in 1972. We started our family and started a business about the same time. We have been blessed with seven children, five boys and two girls. Our oldest son, Shawn, just graduated from high school this year. Our second son, David, will be a sophomore next year. Daniel will be in the ninth grade. Wendy, seventh, Robbie, fourth, Michael second, and Michelle will be starting kindergarten. We started American Playworld in 1974 by building basketball standards by hand in our backyard. The company has grown and expanded and in 1986, we started a new business, Lifetime Products. Lifetime is now the second largest retailer of basketball equipment in the United States. Both businesses have continued to grow and at present we employ about 300 people. In 1990, Barry and I were selected as small businessman and woman of the year for the state of Utah. We were privileged to fly back to Washington, D.C. and participate in an SBA conference with the other state winners. I have stayed actively involved in the accounting end of our businesses. I have enjoyed being involved in church work, PTA, and am presently coaching my youngest son's baseball team.