Pepper (Kathy) Morton Gregory

P.O. Box 711361

Salt Lake City, UT  84171

(801) 566-3442




Comments from 2001:

I'm writing some more books and magazine articles about screenwriting and the paranormal. I just got hired to write another film, it's like Star Wars, called The Runelords, set in medieval times.

I'm trying to see if my husband of 25 years and I can attend the reunion.  We're both in the film industry, he does all the films, television, movies of the week and commercials in Utah and I'm a screenwriter and producer, as well as the psychic for all the Mediaplay stores in Utah. So I should be able to "look ahead" and be able to know that, right? He thinks Touched By An Angel will be on hiatus then, and it might be clear to go.

Skip, my husband, is a professor for University of Phoenix.


Pepper's Bio Sheet:


PEPPER GREGORY’S Psychic Readings


At the age of two, Pepper began predicting things. Within hours, even minutes, these things would happen. She was fortunate enough to be born into a family that encouraged this ability and understood it. Her grandmother and her great grandfather were highly intuitive. When it popped out in her at such a young age, everyone knew what it was, and weren’t surprised.

When Pepper turned eighteen, after predicting things all her life, her older sister, Shari, contacted a professor at Duke University. Duke is the top site and oldest institution for studies in extra sensory perception, better known as ESP. He flew to Weber State College to test her and tried to hypnotize her. Even trying her hardest, Pepper couldn’t be hypnotized. However, her sister, Shari, fell off her chair, sound asleep while listening, and turned out to be one of the best hypnotic subjects that professor ever had. The professor had tested people for many years for their intuitive abilities. He first tested Pepper five times with a Zener deck of cards, like those on the movie Ghost Busters. This deck of cards has twenty- five cards with five symbols on it: a star, wavy lines, a box, a cross and a circle. The average person can "guess" or "hit" twenty per cent right. Pepper missed every one of them. She was one hundred per cent wrong.

Both Pepper and her sister were devastated. They knew she had been predicting events accurately since she was a toddler. For years many people had called on her for aid and she had helped them. After five tests, all guessing incorrectly, they decided to go to lunch. They laughed, relaxed and came back for more testing. Another five tests with the Zener cards resulted again in one hundred per cent wrong. The puzzled professor flew back to Duke University and Pepper and her sister went home disappointed.

He called three days later. Pepper had guessed them all one ahead.

What she had was precognition, or the knowledge of things in the future. Some of the tests had even run into themselves. Since then she has been tested numerous times. Her husband, Skip Gregory, has known Pepper for twenty-nine years. He began writing down her predictions and kept them on yellow legal notepads. While getting his Master Degree in Business at Westminster College, he put her predictions through a statistics class. Her accuracy was rated on subject matter, person it happened to, and timing. She turned out to be seventy-nine per cent accurate over that twenty-nine year period of predictions. Since then she has developed other psychic abilities such as clairaudience and remote viewing.

Pepper helps find missing things and people. She does not charge to find missing people. Throughout the years she has helped various government agencies. For real estate companies she "see’s" buildings on vacant land and future owners. She has worked with lawyers on cases for their clients. In the film industry she "hears" and "sees" future titles and scenes. For her friends who are journalists she sometimes "sees" future front page and magazine news, but not quite as good as the current television series, "Early Edition." Ad agencies have consulted with her for possible campaigns for customer’s products. Pepper has also predicted stock market futures. She considers herself a "second opinion" for her clients, and believes that everyone has intuition. She has developed handouts of reading lists to strengthen your own intuitive powers, on dreams, finding a soul mate, psychic terms, an "Are you being prompted by angels questionnaire," and best partner for your astrological sun sign. She is a certified grief counselor, is working on graduate degrees in psychology and is a screenwriter and author. She is a member of Women In Film Los Angeles chapter, a member of the League of Utah Writers and frequently is on film industry panels and teaches screenwriting. She’s written scripts for Disney, Saban, Love Boat, and top television series episodes. Pepper is listed in the Utah Film Commission’s manual as a screenwriter and is a guest speaker in high schools and universities on screenwriting and the film industry. Currently, she is doing studies on fetal dialoging to prevent birth defects and coma patient therapy. Pepper has written a children’s grief counseling book, "When Someone Turns Into Angel," with Denise Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson’s dark haired sister. Proceeds go to grief counseling centers for children and abused women foundations. She is working with the State of Utah developing programs to help troubled teens learn screenwriting and film industry skills and the 2002 Olympics. When at a family party her husband asked her who was going to win a year before the Bush/Gore presidential election, she frowned and said, "I don’t know, this is weird, it seems like a tie for some reason." He won’t quit teasing her about it, either. Pepper’s address is P.O. Box 711361, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84171, phone is 801-566-3442, fax is 801-566-1912.