Kathy Moon Reeve

5267 LaGuna Court

Paradise, CA  95969

(530) 877-5267


Comments from 1991:

After high school graduation, I attended two years of college- -one at BYU and one at Weber State. Then, while working nights at I.R.S., I was swept off my feet by and married Robbie Reeve. We kept up with school and part-time work until our first baby was born. Robbie was accepted to the University of Utah's Medical School and so we moved to Salt Lake where we began our four years of additional "student life". During these years, we added two more children to our family and stayed one extra year in Salt Lake while Robbie completed and Internship in Internal Medicine.

That chapter of our life ended and a new one began as we moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan for four more years of "student life" while Robbie did a residency in Ophthalmology and later a fellowship in Glaucoma. We decided during this time to round out our family and added one more little girl to our clan, making a total of two boys and two girls. Upon completion of all this training, we moved back to Salt Lake City to set up a practice and buy a home, but after six months, received an even more promising offer in Paradise, California, took the Step and moved for good from Utah. We love our little town in northern California, it's been four years that we've lived here and it's a wonderful place to raise a family. Robbie has joined a partnership and set up two offices, serves in the bishopric of our ward, coaches and plays all manner of sports, and is one terrific husband and father. I have kept busy with the responsibilities that fall upon a Mom and have been fortunate enough to make it a full-time career. I love and am extremely proud of my family. Church callings, Den mother, Taxi driver, classes, music, aerobics, friends, and front-row cheerleading keep me super busy-- busy enough that I can't believe that 20 years has passed.

The past four years have been great, we've finally learned that there is "life after school".