Kathleen Minkevitch Lane

1335 Capitol St.

Ogden, UT  84401

(801) 393-1073


E-Mail:  EMZENA@aol.com


Comments from 2001:

The first thing that comes to mind (when thinking about what has happened since 1991) is raising my daughter to 15 years of age!  I'm still a Nurse out at Manor Care Nursing Center & have been happily employed there for 10 years.  I guess like the rest of you just trying to keep some Normalcy in our hectic lives.

Being a Nurse has brought me great satisfaction in my life.  I've seen a couple of people throughout the years.  I did a lot of swimming at the Deseret Gym with Schoolmate Richard White.  We used to race in the pool!  I know I beat him at least a couple of times!  He might laugh at that one!  I've kept in touch with  Zana Northam & will help her with the Picnic on Saturday.

See You All There!


Comments from 1991:

After high school and having odd jobs for a few years, it was decided that I would be better off going back east to Massachusetts where my family originated. From 1974 to 1979, I worked at various jobs back there, went to nursing school and got a degree in nursing and worked as a nurse for a year before it was time to return back home to Ogden in 1980. Here I met John Clark Lane and started working at Ogden Care Center North. I quit after five years and stayed home for another five years taking care of my daughter Emily Caroline Lane. As of 1989, I've returned once again to the work force working at Washington Terrace Nursing Center and for the Medical Personnel Pool of Utah. I love my jobs, my family and husband have brought me complete joy and fulfillment to date.