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Comments from 2011:

Moved back to Utah after being gone since 1973. Love it here.

Comments from 1991:

After graduating from OHS I enrolled in business classes at Weber State for one year and then moved on to BYU for another year where I met my husband, Rick Fallows.  We married in '73 and moved to San Diego, CA where I worked for the IRS for 5 years and Rick worked in the auto industry.  We finally made the big step of owning our own franchise of Matco Tools, and I was able to be a stay at home mom to four boys, Jason, David, Andrew and Mark.  In 1987 Matco Tools moved us to the Great Northwest where we have made our home in Auburn, WA (about 20 miles southeast of Seattle).  Here, the boys grew up with 80 acres of forrest behind our home to play in.  Now that the boys are slowing leaving the nest, I am again employed full time in the accounting department of a communications company (Expanets, Inc.).  My husband travels all over the country doing training for Matco Tools.  He's usually on the road about 30 week out of the year.  But when he's home, he's really home and works out of our home office. 


A favorite memory:

Mr. Carter told our Health class "in order to get an 'A' in class, you must also be a good citizen".  Julie Daz & I interpreted that statement to be a challenge to get a 'U'-unsatisfactory in citizenship while also getting an 'A'.  We both were successful.  I don't know if any other girls caused more disturbance in class than we did.  Poor Mr. Carter.