Karen Williams Thorne

14024 Lake Abbotts Drive

Winter Garden, FL 34787

E-Mail: wthorne@netutah.net


Comments from 2019:

The Thornes have retired and moved to Disney World! Great weather down here and so much better for our health. The kids are still in Utah but would you believe we see more of them now since we've moved? Our daughter Allyssa is teaching ASL at Skyridge High and her husband Brady is a contractor - currently building their 4th home. Their 3 boys are now teenagers - the oldest living with us in Florida going to school. Our son Jeff graduated with a degree in computer graphics and wisely married a cute college classmate Megan McEwan. They have 2 sweet babies - Elijah 3 and Amelia Grace 18 months. Willes recently left his pathology practice at Utah Valley Hospital after almost 30 years and now I have him all to myself. We are now planning to do some serious family history work along with our frequent forays into the Magic Kingdom. Our favorite part of retirement? Watching the fireworks every night from our front porch. Dreams really do come true!


Comments from 2001:

Within weeks of our 20 year reunion, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and began an adventure that has defined the last 10 years of my life. The good news was that I would not die from it; the bad news was that I would not die from it.

In 1992, we moved back to Utah to be closer to family. My husband Willes joined a pathology group at Utah Valley Hospital and we bought a home in Orem. Our first year here, Willes was called as a Bishop at BYU and then to several Bishoprics at the MTC. We enjoy living in Utah Valley and have felt blessed to be able to bring our kids here.

Our daughter Allyssa, graduated from Mountain View High School where she was an honor student and Student Body Historian. She majored in Vet Science at BYU until she married Brady Cluff who was majoring in Construction Management. She has since changed her major to Architectural Drafting. Recently they designed and built their own home in American Fork. Brady was a state wrestling champ in high school and served a deaf mission to New York City. They have 2 adorable little boys -- Timmy and Josh -- who are my precious angels! They love horseback-riding and camping.

Our son Jeff, graduated from Orem High School just this year. He is our creative child and has been very active in drama, video production, and computer-anything. He loves Adobe Photoshop, Premier Video, and Shakespeare’s Soliloquies. This last year he did the video productions for the morning announcements. He earned his Eagle Scout Rank in scouting and is currently on-staff at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. He is into snowboarding, weight lifting, and break-dancing.

Although my life has been changed a great deal by the CFS, I still manage to do many of the things that I enjoy. I read and do family history, and also enjoy gardening and traveling. My mom and I recently spent two months living in Holland where her parents were born. We had some exciting adventures together.

My husband Willes has been my greatest support. He has had to get used to pursuing hobbies on his own. He loves taking the kids skiing and scuba diving, and he has recently taken up single action shooting ( just call him Wild Eye ) We still have foster kids - mostly teens - from time to time and of course, my sweet grandchildren are our newest delight.


My favorite memory of high school was the candlelight tour we took of the school one night near graduation.  As we walked through the hallways in near darkness, it was as if my whole life was passing before my eyes.  Everyone said that "your life" would "never be the same again after graduation" - they were right!

We no longer enjoy the close association we once had.  I remember looking around the circle we made that night, and trying to memorize all the faces that were illuminated in the candlelight.  So many friends I had learned to love, so many people I wish I had known better.

I miss you all!


Comments from 1991:

After high school, I graduated from B.Y.U. in elementary education and taught for 2+ years. I married Willes Thorne from Pleasant Grove in 1974 and off we went to New Orleans for medical school, San Antonio for residency, and Washington, D.C. for fellowship. The happiest moments of those years were when our daughter Allysa was born and the day we adopted our son Jeffrey. By contrast, the saddest moments were those days that we discovered each of them was handicapped. Allyssa was born with a profound hearing loss and Jeff has a neurological disorder called "A.D.H.D." Needless to say, my priority these many years has been my family.

My husband is now a pathologist at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Beaumont, a Lt. Col. in the Air Force Reserves, and a member of the bishopric. Allyssa has developed remarkable speech, is mainstreamed in the honors program at her school, and will be a cheerleader this fall. You should see her do a back flip off the high dive! Jeff is also an honors student, a cub scout, and a budding scientist. Watch for him in National Geographic this fall with his space tomato project. Besides my family, I spend my time as Stake Primary President and as a volunteer parent advocate for the handicapped. We also do foster care for pregnant teens from time to time and, of course, I'm still working on my elusive masters degree. I hope to have it before our 30th!