Karen Stimson Jay

442 Cross St.

Ogden, UT 84404


E-Mail:  jayggjay@aol.com


Comments from 2001:

Since our last reunion , I decided to finally start a career of my own.  (ha ha)  So I took a computer class at ATC and got a job at Weber County Mental Health.  It was kind of terrifying and after a few months, I was permanently laid off (as they called it).  So I got on at the IRS as a mail sorter, which they titled, "Mail Clerk II".  It should have been titled, "IRS Mail Slave"!  I worked almost 6 years as a "full time seasonal", (another IRS title).  I got arthritis and I had teenagers from hell!  So I quit my wonderful career and things are alot better now even though we never have enough money.  Oh well - now, I have 2 granddaughters named Athena and Vyolette and they're so precious.  I'm still planning to get a career someday.  I'll probably be using a walker, entertaining at an old folks home.  I also want to say:  I miss alot of people from high school and have a hard time relating to 30 years gone by.  I also have regular nightmares about roaming the halls of OHS and can't find my schedule and worse!



Comments from 1991:

I have spent the last 14 years being a housewife and raising my four children. We have gone through lots of good times and lots of bad. I have now decided to try and start my own career, which I'm excited about.