Joel Hardy  

355 Woodhaven Dr.

Vacaville, CA  95687

(707) 451-1946




Comments from 2016:

Was laid off from Bio-Rad in 2014 after 25 years there. Started working part time from home as an R&D consultant for a new biotechnology company. Unfortunately my wife of 40 years passed away from a cancer last year, but my being at home made it possible for me to give her the care she needed before her passing. Was recently rehired full-time by Bio-Rad Laboratories. Now have 14 grandchildren. My daughter and her husband with their 7 kids are living with me now so things are noisy and active. Life's challenges and blessings keep coming in.

Comments from 2011:

All children married and out of the house. Went from 1 grandkid to 10 in 10 years. Still married to the smartest woman in the world. Still working at Bio-Rad laboratories as a Senior R&D scientist, going on 22 years now. Probably can't retire for at least another 10 years.


Comments from 2001:

In the past ten years I have gotten a little slower, a little wider, some gray hairs (my teenage daughter's name is on every one of them), and I became a grandpa. My oldest son Tom and His wife Amy had a boy named Zachery last year. My other son, Lucas, has graduated from High School and will be going on a mission for the LDS Church this year. I still work as a Sr. Research Scientist at Bio-Rad Labs here in California. My wife Vicki, works at the local library. We keep busy with our work, church responsibilities, kids, and now a grand kid. Good luck to all of us in the next ten years!


Comments from 1991:

Following graduation from Ogden High, I attended Weber State where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in microbiology in 1977. From 1972 to 1973, I served a mission for the LDS church in Austria. In 1974, I married Vicki Lynn Nickens (OHS68) and our first son, Tom, was born in 1976. We then moved to Idaho, where from 1977 to 1979, I earned a Master of Science degree in microbiology at Idaho State University. We then moved to California, where I worked as a chemist for a Firestone Rubber Company; as a microbiologist for an oyster growing company; and as a part-time biology and chemistry instructor for a community college in Salinas. We then moved back to Utah in 1982 where I worked as a research specialist on the artificial heart program for the University of Utah until 1984. From 1984 to 1989, I worked as a Sr. research specialist for Gull Laboratories in Salt Lake City, developing diagnostic kits for infectious diseases. Our twins, Luke and Janna, were born in 1983. Janna passed away from SIDS at 5 weeks. Our last one is a girl, Jonica, born in 1985. We now live in Vacaville, California, where I have been working as a research scientist for Bio-Rad Laboratories since 1989.