Jim Rackham

3064 Tyler Ave

Ogden, Utah  84403



E-Mail:  jrackham76@gmail.com


Comments from 1991:

It's hard to believe itís been 20 years since high school. Deliberating over this task of writing a clever note for our 20th reunion yearbook has been exhausting, so I will make it simple.

I finally finished all my schooling this year. I earned a masters degree in Business Administration with no plans to return for more. My wife, Lisa Frandsen (OHS '74) and my kids, Tyler, 13, Shawn, 11, Lindsey, 7, and Clint, 5, are great and have sacrificed the past two years so that I could accomplish this goal.

I have been employed the past 10 years with Williams International, in Ogden and enjoy my work for them as a business analyst.

I have developed a lot of new interests since our last reunion. I enjoy ballet, jazz dancing, baseball, soccer, marbles, tumbling and scouting, to name a few. Isn't it great to be able to relive our childhood activities through our own kids. Lisa and I enjoy golf and our family loves camping, sports, vacations, computers and Nintendo.