Holly Handy   

1355 East 625 North

Layton, UT  84040



Comments from 2016:

"45 and Still Alive" Yes, I wish I was 45. Now we are closer to 65--we can't possibly be that old, can we? Yet I have to admit this is a great time of life. I never got around to updating my profile for our 40 year reunion, so here goes. Still living in Layton, still married to Steve, and still working. The kids have grown into amazing adults, all married, and have provided me with grandkids I adore. I'm still working in education currently with Davis School District in curriculum. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, a good golf game, a good book, traveling whenever and wherever I can. Life is great! I'm excited to see you at the upcoming reunion--we better get together while we still can! 

Comments from 2001:

I can't believe I'm old enough to have graduated from high school thirty years ago!  Time files when you're having fun.  After reading my bio from 10 years ago, a lot has changed.  Yes, add ten years to my age, but I'm still married to Steve, we still live in Layton (Different house but same town) and we still have a great family -- with six kids now instead of five.  Our youngest child, Lauren, just turned nine!  Our children have grown and scattered -- Katelyn is married and living in Seattle, Garrett is married and living in Salt Lake, Brett just returned home from a mission, Megan is a senior at Layton High, Stephanie will be in 9th grade and Lauren will enter 4th grade.  I'm busy trying to keep up with my family, job and fun.  I'm still in education, currently teaching Internet and Web Page Design at Northridge High School in Layton.  Life is great!  I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion. 


Comments from 1991:

I've never thought much about how long it has been since I graduated from high school until I told my kids that when I went to school, I had to wear a dress every day! They looked at me in disbelief. That made me feel almost as old as when they look at my yearbooks and laugh their heads off. Twenty years is a long time!

I graduated from Weber State in 1974 with a B.S. degree in Business Education, taught a year at Weber High (a tough job for a loyal Tiger), married Steve Handy (OHS '69) and then moved to Salt Lake and taught at East High before starting a family. We have five children, Katelyn, 15, Garrett, 13, Brett, 11, Megan, 7, and Stephanie, 4. We have lived in Layton for the past 13 years--long enough to call it "home".

In addition to being a full-time mom (what mother isn't?), I have found my niche teaching in adult alternative education. I work part-time at Hill AFB teaching foreign military dependants. I have taught English as a Second Language, Adult Basic Education, and currently Adult High School Completion and GED preparation courses. I deal with people from all over the world--my students always prove to be an interesting mixture of cultures.

Keeping up with my family usually fills every spare minute of time. We enjoy being together, supporting each other's activities, cheering each other on. We are active in the LDS church, support our local PTA, and enjoy community and cultural events together. We like to travel as a family, and Steve and I like to get away together when possible. I also enjoy the times my family goes camping without me, then I can enjoy a few moments alone in a clean, quiet house.