Gwenev're Porter Gardiner

14567 Silla St.

Poway, CA  92064

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Hi there, I am now living in San Diego.  I've been here 14 yrs.  I have four children, three girls and a boy.  I am not married.  I own my own business, (window coverings).  I am a singer and love the old torch songs, jazz and early swing music.  I have had a quite interesting life you could say.  Many things have happened in my life that have changed my course in a hurry.  I have been divorced twice and for the last 9 yrs I have been living single and loving it.  I took some time off to raise my children.  For about 5 yrs I have been doing just that.  They are grown now and I am so grateful that I took that time to dedicate to them, because on July 1, 1999 my life became unfamiliar to me.  My youngest daughter Raina was on her way to a birthday party when a 28 yr old man practiced some road rage on my daughter and her best friedn and he killed both of them in front of my house as they were trying in desperation to get out of his way.  My daughter was the passenger and the girls were hit at 80 mph.  Raina was 17 yrs old, a jr. in high school.  The death of my daughter has taken me down the road of life I never dreamed I would walk.  I am trying to put my life back on track, however, I know this will be a journey one can only imagine.  God bless each and everyone of you.  I think of you fondly.


Love  Gwenev're


Comments from 1991:

Since I graduated from High School, it seems life has had much in store for me--so much in fact, I couldn't begin to write a biography without making a novel out of it, or as some would say, I should write a script for a movie. Well, maybe a soap opera. It seems most of everything has come my was, but I'm still here, I'm doing remarkably well, and believe it or not, I'm still sane and quite content with my achievements. I currently live in San Diego (last five years). I'm employed at MCI as an account executive and am very successful at that. I have four children ages 16, 14, 11, and 9 (three girls and one boy). I have enjoyed several outdoor sports. One of my favorite is rollerblading. I suffered a broken arm and many bruises mastering this sport. This keeps me in shape as well as allows an opportunity to get outdoors often as San Diego temps average about 70 degrees year round. I keep in touch with my best friend Carol Bouck who is now residing in Phoenix, Arizona. I see her as often as our lives allow us to but other than that, I don't see many more of my high school buddies. All in all, life has been interesting, not a bit on the boring side.