Gayle Gledhill Ahlers

2351 Quincy Ave

Ogden, UT  84401

(801) 621-2040

Comments from 2011:

After graduation, I worked in a nursing home as an aide. In Sept 1975 I married Herbert Ahlers from Wisconsin, he was stationed at Hill AFB. In Sept 1976 we had our first baby, a daughter name Kimberly. In April 1978 we had our second baby, a boy named Jayson. In Oct 1978 Herb got orders to Pisa Italy, we lived there 14 months. We got out of the service in Nov 1979, and we came back to Ogden. In July 1980 we had our last baby a boy named Justin. In Sept 1984 I went to work for Ogden City Schools, as a lunch worker. In 1999 I was made a lunch manager, currently working at Mound Fort Jr. High. In March 2008 my husband passed away. I enjoy my 8 grandchildren, and I'm looking forward to retiring in 3 years. Then I'll spend time ! traveling and just enjoying life to the fullest. I hope to make it too the reunion, I haven't been to one since our 20 year.