Gayla Robertson Favero

221 Goshawk Ridge Rd

Park City, UT 84098-5530





Comments from 1991:

It's hard to believe I'm writing this letter from Connecticut. I didn't plan on 20 years bringing so many surprises, like being here and not making it to the reunion.

I'm married to Randy Favero (OHS '69). We have four children, James, 14, Jennifer, 12, Jessica, 10, and Jayce, 4. I kept thinking I would start teaching again, as I did before Jennifer was born, but I realize I must have been slightly crazy! I have come to my senses and will admit four children and one husband are enough challenge for a while. I found I was able to keep involved in the education field through volunteer work. For the past two years, I have served on the Board of Directors of a foundation whose sole purpose was to raise money for the schools in our district in California. Another OHS alumnus was on the Board with me, Kevin Wheelwright (OHS '69). It really is a small world.

We lived in California for 13 years, most recently in the east bay outside San Francisco. (Yes, we were there during the earthquake.) December of 1990 brought our move to the east coast. The move was caused by a change in assignments for Randy. He is now the Administrative Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of IBM. It looks like I had better get used to the east coast! If any of you are ever in the neighborhood of Wilton, CT, I would love to hear from you. I'll be thinking of you all in August.