Dorthy Cox

657 20th St.

Ogden, UT  84401

(801) 393-5470


Comments from 2001:

I was married to Roy Connoly in 1991, I divorced him, and thne 8 mos. later I married Ray Stubs, Scott handled my divorce from Ray Stubs.  Twice from him and I'm single now.

I now have three children, 2 girls and 1 boy, and I have 4 grandchildren 2 of each.

I'm not the same girl you knew 10 years ago.  I'm happier, and I love life now.  I write poems of the Lord, and how he has changed me since Feb 8th 2001.  I sure have missed everyone.

I will say hits, I am a Recovering Alchoholic,  I have one year off alcohol.  By the time we see each other I'll hace 13 months and one week.

   See you Soon,

   Lots of Love   -  Dorothy M. Cox