Cheryl Holden Jones

6805 SE Ash

Portland, OR  97215

(503) 235-3396



I didn't get to attend the 1991 reunion; I was one of the lost "Tigers".  So, I'll bring you up to date.

After high school I moved to Salt Lake City to attend the O of U.  I was enrolled until 1974.  What happened you say????  Well, I got married, and started working full time.

My husband was transferred to the land of dinosaurs, (Vernal Utah) in 1976.  Due to the great boredom of small towns, we ended up with a beautiful daughter Jesse.  Then it was back to S.L.C. in 1978.  I was divorced in 1980.

I started working at Village Inn Restraurants in 1978, and after losing any sense of reality, I became a general manager for them in 1982.

In 1986, mental trickery struck again and I agreed to let Village Inn transfer me to Scottsdale, Arizona.

While In Arizona I managed a Bakers Square Restaurant, and three Village Inns.  Finally after 15 years of the "heat from hell" I retired to Portland Oregon.  I went from arid desert to rain forest.  Wee Haw!!!!

After a "brief" sabbatical, Village Inn called and asked if I would manage a restaurant, in Portland, that they were turning into a corporate unit.  Mental dementia surly struck as I said yes.

Now, for the fun things.

My beautiful daughter Jesse is now 23, and has a son Tristan, cutest grandson on earth!

Jesse, my sister and I traveled to Europe, for three weeks, and did the whole tourist thing.

Over the years I have traveled from coast to coast, and have visited Canada and Mexico.

As for now, I manage a Village Inn Restaurant on 103rd and Stark St. Portland Oregon.

On my days off, I read, do crossword puzzles, and I love to drive to the beach and let my two dogs run wild.  Also, I have turned into quite the gardiner.  Roses, magnolias, camellias, perfect lawn, horrific weeds and some of the biggest tomatoes you have ever seen.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.