Carol Browning Baris

445 S. Tiago Drive

Gilbert, AZ  85233

(480) 926-6833



Comments from 1991:

My husband, Ronald J., and I have three children: Nichole (9), Matthew (5), and Kelly (2). We have lived in Boulder, CO, St. Louis, MO, then Boulder and now back in St. Louis again. Something I never thought I'd do was move back to St. Louis.

Presently, my three children keep me fully employed. I worked at a lot of different jobs before having kids. Some of them were: optometric assistant, preschool teacher, furniture rental for my husband's family's business, and owning our own business.

But I think my biggest accomplishment since graduation has been staying married for 17 years. We have had a lot of fun exploring different parts of the United States and making great friends who live all over the world.

Looking back at high school, my favorite memories are of my friends--we did have a lot of good times!! The highlight of my life is my family.