Brent Dean Wood

5087 S. 2925 W.

Roy, UT  84067




Comments from 2001:

It's been a wild wacky ten years!  Some random highlights that pop to mind might include:  traveling the Black Hills of South Dakota stuffed like sardines in a Ford pick-up with eight other people after the engine in our second vehicle exploded;  setting the Boy Scouts of America on it's ear with the creation of my "Thunderwolf Scouts";  taking my first (and so far, last) ocean cruise;  hosting a Christmas holiday website; being published in USA Today in support of the controversial TV Series "Nothing Sacred"; putting in 13 workouts a week at local gyms for the whole time; 2 back-to-back Halloweens as the real Beetlejuice;  rock climbing in a windstorm at Lake Powell;  or getting ready to marry off my first son on August 21st of this year!



Comments from 1991:

After graduation, I attended Weber State where I think I must have, from one time or another, majored in everything from art to psychology to tree surgery. In my spare time, I amused myself by producing some little stage productions and publishing some of my short stories (in a series of little paperbacks that I think must have been all of about a millimeter thick that I had to print myself). I my senior year, I was hired by Meridian Publishing as a commercial artist where I stayed for four years. Following that, I went to work for Carr Printing Co. in Bountiful as their "artist -in-residence" where I have been ever since. In April of '77, I married Diane Cowles (OHS '70). Since that time I dabbled a little in Commercial photography, published the "Entertainment Showcase" magazine, was beat out in the auditions for the original co-host for "PM Magazine Utah" and unsuccessfully negotiated a project with the curators of Hansen Planetarium in Salt Lake. I have two boys, Jason, 12, and Lance, 6, and reside in Roy.