John Borseth & Denese Corkey Borseth

2478 S. 775 W.

Syracuse, UT  84075





Denises's Comments from 1991:

So far, my life hasn't been a storybook fantasy, but I can always hope. I haven't earned my Master's degree. In fact, I haven't even earned a Bachelors. I ended my childbearing days seven years ago with the birth of my third daughter. John and I have been married almost eighteen years and though we've had out ups and downs, we're still playing together.

After living in Ogden most of our lives, we decided to try country living for a change. Six years ago, we moved to Hooper where we have one acre with all the animals normally found on a farm except for horses, cows, pigs, chickens and ducks. I guess that means we have a dog and a cat. I have a garden bigger than the whole yard we had in Ogden, where I have grown award-winning vegetables (at least they've received the accolades of my family).

We have three beautiful daughters, Jennifer, 13, Sarah, 9, and Lindsey, 7.

After working in the healthcare field since high school, I have finally found a home away from home at the Davis County School District as the head of their insurance department. I love what I'm doing and I am happy with the way my life has turned out so far.


Comments about John from 1991:

Scene 1--1981: You'll recall from our last episode that John had married Denese Corkey and had one daughter with another on the way. He was living in Ogden and worked at United Parcel Service. Their second daughter was born in September and life was pretty much going along without any surprises.

Scene 2--1983: We hear John say "Surprise, Denese, I had a skydiving accident at the Rodeo and my face will be wired together for the next six weeks."

Scene 3--1984: We hear Denese say, "Surprise, John, I know we were only going to have two children, but........." In the following weeks we see John go have the "family wagon" modified into a sports model. Later that same year, we hear John say, "Surprise, Denese, I just quit my job with UPS and now we don't have any insurance to cover the delivery of the baby. But, we've always had easy deliveries in the past so we'll go with the short stay in the hospital and we'll be okay." (Some of you are probably way ahead of the story at this point.) Next we hear the doctor say, "Surprise, John, we need to do an emergency "C" section and Denese will have to stay in the hospital for 5 days. John........John........, can you hear me? Nurse, get a cold, wet towel!" Still later that same year, we hear John say, "Surprise, Denese, I just got offered a job at the Hercules Rocket Ranch."

Scene 4: For the next 7 years, life went along pretty much without any surprises. John made some position changes with Hercules and today is in Production Supervision on the Delta and Pegasus Missile Contracts.

So, as this episode comes to a close, we see Denese, Jenni, Sarah, Lindsey, and their adopted son Kelsey, a strapping 75 pound Golden Retriever, wave goodbye as John drives off into the sunset (or sunrise, depending on which shift he is working.)

Be sure to tune in next reunion when we'll hear John say, "Damn, we're getting old." And Denese will reply "Eh? Cold? Of course it's cold. It's the middle of July. By the way, have you seen my box of Depends?"