Comments from OHS71 Alumni - 1991



After graduating from high school, I attended Utah State for three years. I then transferred to Weber State where I graduated with a B.A. in English and a minor in sociology.

Having been so well prepared for a career, I began working at Harmon's Grocery Store as the Courtesy Booth Manager. I was later promoted to manager of the Bookkeeping Dept. (A thought which would probably strike terror into the hearts of all my math teachers.) Then I moved to Salt Lake and worked in the Accounts Payable Dept. of the main office. I worked for Harmon's for about ten years. I have spent the last 3 1/2 years at home (sometimes).

I was married in 1974 and later divorced. I married Bob Morris in 1985. We have two children, Christopher, 13 years old and Tiffany Page, 3 years old.

We now live happily and remotely just outside of Salt Lake City, west of a little town called Herriman. Bob and I have been very fortunate to have done a lot of traveling which is how we can stand our little town.

Mostly I can't believe it has taken me 20 years to do this. It seemed a lot busier.



Besides many trips to cities in the U.S., including New York City and Washington, D.C., my husband and I spent five months in England and Scotland. Since 1986, we have been singing with the Utah Opera Chorus and have sung in 9 operas and participated in most of the fund raisers and other functions given by the Opera Company. We have also been in a couple of community plays; one of which starred Robert Peterson. Three years ago, I trained for and joined the Hogle Zoo Docent Council, which is a volunteer organization that goes to schools and teaches about animals-- especially the importance of wild animals remaining wild and about conservation. I served as Secretary for two years. We built and moved into our second house 3 years ago.




After OHS, I went on a mission to Japan. Then I married Becky Crandall (OHS '71) which was the smartest thing I ever did. We have three boys and two girls ages 13 to one. After marriage, I graduated in English from WSC and from the U. of U. in law, and went back and worked in Washington, D.C. for ten years on the staff of the Senate and then the Treasury Department.

Then, we moved back home and lived for a year up in Eden near Wolf Creek. We saw several people from our class up there, which was a great thing. We live in Idaho Falls, Idaho, where I work in Personnel at a nuclear engineering company called SCIENTECH. It also has a branch in Ogden doing computer work for Hill AFB.



I graduated from Weber State College with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education. I worked at Dee's Drive-In and the IRS during my college years and in my spare time I took flying lessons and got a private pilot license. I went to graduate school at Utah State University and earned a Master's degree in Elementary Education. I have taught fourth grade at Polk Elementary School for the last nine years. I have traveled to England twice, to Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and to the Philippines. I'm just enjoying life and looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.



After graduation, I worked for two years at Albertson's as a baker. For the next five years, I worked in the mechanic field, auto, boat, etc., at various locations and for various companies. In 1978, I began a career with the Union Pacific Railroad. I was married in 1980. I went back to school in 1986 and started a new career with the government in 1988. I was divorced in 1990. I am still employed with the government at the present time. For most of the last twenty years, I have lived in Ogden.



Out of high school, I traveled the country doing ironwork. I then went to Weber State and the U of U, graduating with a B.S. in geology. After a short geology work experience, I started teaching tumbling and gymnastics at Weber State College for a ten-year period. After this, I started my own tumbling school (Wasatch Tumbling Academy). I married a Weber High girl named Mary Jones. We have two children, Ashley, 9, and Hana, 4, and we live in Mt. Green, Utah.



Scene 1--1981: You'll recall from our last episode that John had married Denese Corkey and had one daughter with another on the way. He was living in Ogden and worked at United Parcel Service. Their second daughter was born in September and life was pretty much going along without any surprises.

Scene 2--1983: We hear John say "Surprise, Denese, I had a skydiving accident at the Rodeo and my face will be wired together for the next six weeks."

Scene 3--1984: We hear Denese say, "Surprise, John, I know we were only going to have two children, but........." In the following weeks we see John go have the "family wagon" modified into a sports model. Later that same year, we hear John say, "Surprise, Denese, I just quit my job with UPS and now we don't have any insurance to cover the delivery of the baby. But, we've always had easy deliveries in the past so we'll go with the short stay in the hospital and we'll be okay." (Some of you are probably way ahead of the story at this point.) Next we hear the doctor say, "Surprise, John, we need to do an emergency "C" section and Denese will have to stay in the hospital for 5 days. John........John........, can you hear me? Nurse, get a cold, wet towel!" Still later that same year, we hear John say, "Surprise, Denese, I just got offered a job at the Hercules Rocket Ranch."

Scene 4: For the next 7 years, life went along pretty much without any surprises. John made some position changes with Hercules and today is in Production Supervision on the Delta and Pegasus Missile Contracts.

So, as this episode comes to a close, we see Denese, Jenni, Sarah, Lindsey, and their adopted son Kelsey, a strapping 75 pound Golden Retriever, wave goodbye as John drives off into the sunset (or sunrise, depending on which shift he is working.)

Be sure to tune in next reunion when we'll hear John say, "Damn, we're getting old." And Denese will reply "Eh? Cold? Of course it's cold. It's the middle of July. By the way, have you seen my box of Depends?"



Greetings Tigers! After I married Michael Perkins in '73, we have added five children to our family (four girls and one boy). The last four years, we have lived in the East and recently moved to Saginaw, Michigan, where my husband manages a retail store. We miss our friends and family in Utah (and the mountains).



Carolyn Brown Olsen is alive and well and living in Eden, Ut. She is also employed as a schoolteacher in the valley at Valley Elementary.

Following graduating in '71, she attended U.S.U. and Weber State. She received a B.S. in Education at Weber and a Master's degree in Education at U.S.U.

She married Mark Olsen in 1978 and is very proud of her two sons, Michael, 7 years old, and Jesse, 4 years old.

Her hobbies and pastimes include camping, horse back riding and running



My husband, Ronald J., and I have three children: Nichole (9), Matthew (5), and Kelly (2). We have lived in Boulder, CO, St. Louis, MO, then Boulder and now back in St. Louis again. Something I never thought I'd do was move back to St. Louis.

Presently, my three children keep me fully employed. I worked at a lot of different jobs before having kids. Some of them were: optometric assistant, preschool teacher, furniture rental for my husband's family's business, and owning our own business.

But I think my biggest accomplishment since graduation has been staying married for 17 years. We have had a lot of fun exploring different parts of the United States and making great friends who live all over the world.

Looking back at high school, my favorite memories are of my friends--we did have a lot of good times!! The highlight of my life is my family.



After graduating, I went to Europe to play and then moved to Arizona for 1 1/2 years. I moved back to Utah and got married in 1974. I have two children ages 14 and 10. I got divorced in 1986. I've traveled a lot and had many different kinds of jobs. I've been to eight countries and 18 states. Presently I work at U.S. West (for 13 years) as a forklift-supplies attendant. I remarried in 1989 and still live in Salt Lake City.



After graduating from OHS, life took me on an LDS mission to Taiwan, and then schooling at Weber State, BYU and Utah State for degrees in business and finance. I married Kathy Tucker from Morgan, Utah and we have three children, ages 15, 13, and 8 (a boy and two girls). We have lived in Provo, Riverside, CA, Providence, UT, and Clearfield prior to building our current home in Fruit Heights. I purchased the family insurance business in 1988 and currently spend the majority of my time working out of our Salt Lake Office on South Temple. In addition to business taking up my time, I have been involved in church work, scouting and politics.



I attended the University of Pittsburgh and Utah State where I graduated with a degree in education. I married Jeff Branan in 1974. I lived in Logan, Provo, and Boston while my husband completed his schooling. A job change brought us to sunny San Diego five years ago. We have six children: Ryan 15, Emily 13, Rebecca 11, Michael 8, Colin 3, and Connor 1. We live ten minutes from the beach and have to make the pilgrimage to Utah every so often so the kids can see there really is something called snow.



I married Dirk Farr (OHS '73) and I am a domestic engineer. We have three children, Benjamin, 5, Brandon, 3, Lauren, 9 months. I enjoy skiing, biking and crafts.



I've never thought much about how long it has been since I graduated from high school until I told my kids that when I went to school, I had to wear a dress every day! They looked at me in disbelief. That made me feel almost as old as when they look at my yearbooks and laugh their heads off. Twenty years is a long time!

I graduated from Weber State in 1974 with a B.S. degree in Business Education, taught a year at Weber High (a tough job for a loyal Tiger), married Steve Handy (OHS '69) and then moved to Salt Lake and taught at East High before starting a family. We have five children, Katelyn, 15, Garrett, 13, Brett, 11, Megan, 7, and Stephanie, 4. We have lived in Layton for the past 13 years--long enough to call it "home".

In addition to being a full-time mom (what mother isn't?), I have found my niche teaching in adult alternative education. I work part-time at Hill AFB teaching foreign military dependants. I have taught English as a Second Language, Adult Basic Education, and currently Adult High School Completion and GED preparation courses. I deal with people from all over the world--my students always prove to be an interesting mixture of cultures.

Keeping up with my family usually fills every spare minute of time. We enjoy being together, supporting each other's activities, cheering each other on. We are active in the LDS church, support our local PTA, and enjoy community and cultural events together. We like to travel as a family, and Steve and I like to get away together when possible. I also enjoy the times my family goes camping without me, then I can enjoy a few moments alone in a clean, quiet house.



After graduating from OHS, I attended WSC for one year and was then called to serve in the Netherlands-Amsterdam Mission of the LDS church for two years. I traveled Europe extensively for three weeks, in August 1974, after my mission.

I returned to WSC in Sept. 1974 and changed my major to Secondary Education (English) and Reading Education-Linguistics minor.

In August 1976, I married the former Nancy L. Barrett of Bonneville H.S. We bought and continue to live in the home I grew up in. My father moved out when he married again. I've lived in the same home for 38 years.

Nancy and I have 3 l/2 children. Heather, 13, SueZan, 8, Stephanie, 7. I have done residential contracting since 1968, full time since 1978. I own my own business, Great American Homes, and I also am on the board of directors of Ifco Corp, a residential development company.



I work for Wheeler Machinery, the Caterpillar Dealership in Salt Lake. I am a field service technician and I repair caterpillar power generation equipment in a five-state area.

I am divorced and live by myself, still in Ogden and still in the Ogden High School District. I have three kids ranging in ages from 11 to 17.



After high school, I attended Weber State College for three years and then I went into business with my father. My father and I still own and operate Carpenter Furnace Co., a heating and air conditioning business. I am currently finishing my requirements for graduation from WSU.

I have been married to the former Janet Witt for 17 years. She graduated from Ben Lomond High School. We have no children.

We lived in Ogden for three years before moving to North Ogden. After 9 years in North Ogden, we moved to South Weber City, where we currently reside.



I have lived in Ogden since graduating in 1971. I am married to Becky Lancaster. I have two sons from a previous marriage. They are Cody, 14, and Preston, 11. I graduated from Weber State in 1988 and currently work at Williams International.



I have been married to my wife, the former Donna Simonich, for fifteen years. We have two daughters, Jaclyn who is 14 years old and in 10th grade, and Cheryl who is 12 years old and in 7th grade, and a cocker spaniel named Ginger. We've lived in Roy for fourteen years and have just completed and extensive remodeling/add-on to our home.

Since graduating, I've worked at our family-owned business, Chambers Music, as Vice President. I currently serve on the board of directors for the Utah Amusement Music Association; and recently completed a 2 1/2 year Executive Business Development program at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

The rest of our life is filled with running the kids to softball games, dance, piano lessons, and various other things. In our spare time (?!), we enjoy hiking and off-road wilderness adventures and occasionally a nice peaceful resort-type get-a-way.



It's so hard to believe it was twenty years ago! After Ogden High, I attended Weber State College for about two years. I studied accounting and electronics.

I met my sweetheart, Cindy, in 1973 and we were married on August 14, 1975. We built a house on the southeast bench in Ogden. We have two beautiful children, Chace who is 5 years going on sixteen and Skye who is our little teabucket at 4 months.

I am now owner and vice-president of Christensen's Electric Motors in Ogden.

I am involved in music and all kinds of sports. We all enjoy the outdoors, especially camping and boating with family and friends. But my favorite pastime (and money) is collecting 1950-60 muscle cars and attending car shows.

Presently, I have been attending night school and in 3 years will hopefully graduate in proctology.



I know that high school twenty year reunions are for the rich and famous, the bright and beautiful, the slim and trim. But I don't care, I'm going anyway!

I am still married to Arnie Combe, who works at the University of Utah. We have lived in Kaysville for the past 15 years. We have three children: Jennifer, 17, Davis Dart; Brandon, 13, soccer nut; and Cody, 11, another soccer nut. We have other interests, but they all seem to evolve around some type of sports.

As you can see, my life has been very ordinary, but very fulfilling. I am looking forward to seeing all you great Ogden High graduates and remembering those fun times we shared.




After high school, I attended Snow College in Ephriam, and Weber State where I received my associate degree in cosmetology. In June 1973, I married Lynn Stringham (OHS '70) who I met in Dotson's biology class while learning to skin frogs. We are the busy parents of 5 boys and 3 girls (that's right--only eight) Casey, 15, Kyle, 13, Tyler, 12, Ryan, 9, Emily, 7, Bryce, 5, Holly, 4, and Shelly, 1. What a gang!

Lynn is an engineer for the Boeing Aerospace Co. which gave us the opportunity to live in the Seattle area for 7 years, which we really enjoyed. Six years ago, we transferred back to Utah and moved home to Ogden. We are busy with family and scouting (with 5 boys and a scoutmaster husband). We obviously enjoy camping, traveling, and each other.

I keep busy chauffeuring, shopping, cleaning, fulfilling church callings. I make time for my loves of quilting, sewing counted cross-stitch, doing hair, decorating my home and music (learning to play the piano), while trying to keep my home and family organized. All in all it's a fun and interesting life and I can't think of much I'd want to change.



So far, my life hasn't been a storybook fantasy, but I can always hope. I haven't earned my Master's degree. In fact, I haven't even earned a Bachelors. I ended my childbearing days seven years ago with the birth of my third daughter. John and I have been married almost eighteen years and though we've had out ups and downs, we're still playing together.

After living in Ogden most of our lives, we decided to try country living for a change. Six years ago, we moved to Hooper where we have one acre with all the animals normally found on a farm except for horses, cows, pigs, chickens and ducks. I guess that means we have a dog and a cat. I have a garden bigger than the whole yard we had in Ogden, where I have grown award-winning vegetables (at least they've received the accolades of my family).

We have three beautiful daughters, Jennifer, 13, Sarah, 9, and Lindsey, 7.

After working in the healthcare field since high school, I have finally found a home away from home at the Davis County School District as the head of their insurance department. I love what I'm doing and I am happy with the way my life has turned out so far.



Twenty years has gone by quickly. I don't feel 20 years older but I'm sure I look older. I married Dexter Bell from our class. We have five children - three boys and two girls - ages 13 to one. In 1981, we moved to Washington, D.C. and lived there for ten years. We always wanted to return to Utah or the West and we finally made it. We live in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We have a new home we love and I am working in the Relief Society Presidency.

Between OHS and marriage, I graduated from Weber State College in General Studies. I also took several trips abroad with friends while working at Intermountain Trailer, my father's former business on Riverdale Road in Ogden. (Dexter still calls me a trailer woman. I know more about mechanics than he does, which isn't hard.)



After graduating from OHS, I spent two years in Germany on an LDS mission. I graduated from BYU in 1976. After working for a year in Ogden, I attended Harvard Business School, graduating in 1979. I worked for Bain & Company, a business-consulting firm from 1979 to 1990 (except for a year of sabbatical in Salt Lake in 1985). I worked for Bain in Boston from 1979 to 1982, then in Munich, Germany from 1982 to 1987, and then back in Boston from 1987 to 1990.

In 1990, I went to work for Filene's Basement, a former client. Filene's Basement is an off-price retailer with 33 stores in the Northeast. I am the Senior VP for Operations.

I married the former Cathy Cox of Bountiful, Utah, in 1975 when she and I were working in Washington, D.C. We have three wonderful children: Kelli, 14; Stephanie, 12; and Spencer, 10. We live in Belmont, Massachusetts. I split my non-working hours among family, church, scouting, and running.



After leaving Ogden High School with low academic honors, David Dabling attended Weber State College with equal success. Graduating with a major in Theater Arts, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. After four years of active duty, he returned to Weber State to obtain a second bachelor degree in Elementary Education. After teaching for two years in Idaho, he returned to Utah to work for the Internal Revenue Service, the Forest Service, and finally the Defense Mapping Agency. He is the fortunate husband of Zilpha Eulalia Westover and the father of seven, ages one to 17. His oldest has lettered for Ogden's Cross Country team for the past three years.



I actually graduated from Herdon High School in the Washington, D.C. while my dad was on sabbatical from Weber State College. I returned home to Utah only to get ready to leave on an L.D.S. mission, spending two years in Texas knocking on doors.

I finally graduated from Weber State College in 1978 with a degree in political science, which meant I could either go to law school or deliver newspapers. After delivering newspapers, I decided law school was easier. Not wanting to be lonely and wanting to save my future wife (Kathy Robbins) from the B.Y.U. culture, we got married in 1978. Kathy is from Kaysville and younger than the rest of us.

We traversed down to Malibu, California to Pepperdine University. After graduation, we returned to Utah. I worked briefly with the Utah Attorney General's office, then worked for 5 1/2 years for the Weber County Attorney's office. Presently, I'm the Roy City Attorney.

We have four great kids - Benjamin (11), Lindsey (8), Karissa (5), and Michael (2). I've been active in the Alumni at W.S.C., serving a term as president. We're active in community and church service and raising a family.



After graduation from OHS, I attended Oregon State University and the University of Utah where I graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in English Education. I was a member of Chi Omega Sorority and participated in student government, received the Greek Council Scholarship and Pan Hellenic Scholarship and was a member of Spurs and Mortar Board. I taught English, reading, and physical education at Box Elder Junior High for two years and then became the school Reading Consultant and taught reading and English at Sand Ridge Junior High in Roy. I also served as the Chi Omega Sorority Corporation Board President. In 1980, I married Jack W. Fletcher, Jr., Lt. USAF. He is from Ogden and graduated from Utah State. We moved to Ramstein, Germany, and were there for three years. I was the Reading Improvement Specialist at Kaiserslautern Junior High in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I received an Exceptional Rating and the Sustained Superior Award for Teaching from the Department of Defense Dependant School System and was selected as an Outstanding Young Woman of America. We were then transferred to McChord AFB, Tacoma, Washington, where we lived for two years and I again taught English. On October 4, 1984, Christopher Daz Fletcher was born and I became a full-time mommy. In 1985, we were transferred to a Military Entrance Processing Station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I attended Alverno Women's College. Then in 1988, we were transferred to F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, Wyoming. On March 18, 1989, Jeremy Brett Daz Fletcher was born. Currently, Jack is on a remote tour of duty in Kunsan, Korea, while I remain in Cheyenne and am an adjunct professor at Laramie County Community College teaching Freshman English and developmental studies.



I graduated from Lewis & Clark College, Portland, in 1975 and worked at McKay-Dee Hospital from 1975-76. I graduated from the U of U in 1978 and moved to Seattle. I worked with shared medical systems as an information systems consultant. I married Candace Cartwright and have one son Nate, 10, and another son, Tyler Dee, 8. I moved back to Salt Lake City and have worked with Intermountain Health Care for the last 9 years. I'm still married and am now trying to simplify my life--not easy, but it's all fun.



Twenty years, Huh? Does this mean we should stop saying "Far Out"? After getting a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Utah State in 1975, I went on to Stanford for a masterís degree. I am currently the City Engineer of Park City, helping to plan the up-scale houses that very few native Utahans can afford. I have been married since 1982 to Julie Milstead (Judge Memorial '73). No kids, but two dogs and two cats fill whatever void exists!



I am married to Lynnae Larkin (OHS '71) and we have two children and have lived in Harrisville for 12 years. I work as a heavy industrial equipment mechanic at Hill Air Force Base and have been employed there for 9 years. I enjoy auto mechanics, water skiing, running, motorcycling, and working in my home shop.



Are you sure this is the 20-year Reunion? We can't be that old!! Young at heart--right??

After graduating from OHS, I attended U.S.U. and graduated with a B.A. degree in Art. I worked in the fashion business in clothing stores in sales, buying and eventually wholesaling. At a tender young age (choke!), I started a modeling career. I've worked as a runway and print model in Salt Lake City and Chicago for almost 12 years. I'm employed by the McCarty Modeling Agency where I've had several opportunities to work in television commercials and industrial films. I married Michael Vetere, an investment specialist, in 1987. We were married in St. Thomas and honeymooned in the British Virgin Islands. We've had a lot of fun traveling extensively and working on our Victorian home in the Avenues of Salt Lake. We have one daughter, Marra Kathryn, 3.



After graduating from Ogden High, I attended Weber State College. I took many art classes, attended LDS Institute and graduated from WSC in nursing as a registered nurse. I then worked as an RN at McKay-Dee Hospital on Pediatrics for four years. During my time at WSC and working at McKay-Dee Hospital, I had many great experiences and made many wonderful friends. While attending WSC I met Doug Wood and in May 1975 we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.

We moved to Kaysville and I continued to work at McKay-Dee Hospital and my husband started his own business as a State Farm Insurance agent. We lived in Kaysville for 2 1/2 years then we built a new house in East Layton. One month after we moved I went from being a full-time nurse to being a full-time mother when my first child was born January 20, 1978.

We now have six beautiful children, Brittney (13), Lance (11), Kristen (10), Sean (7), Jonathan (3) and Taylor (10 months). Life is full and busy with school, ball games, music lessons, skiing, sports, church activities and callings, family vacations and family and friends.



I attended Utah State University from 1971-73 and then served a mission to Brazil. When I returned, I married Wendy Winward (from Dayton, Idaho.) I returned to Utah State and graduated with a B.S. in mathematics. We moved back to Ogden in March of 1977 and I began a career at Ellis Planing Mill, a family business since 1904. I enjoy my work at the mill and also mechanics, scouting and my family life. We have seven children--six boys and one girl.



Having received a scholarship to Utah State University, I worked hard and graduated in 1974 with a B.S. degree in Education after only three years. I took a job with Granite School District in Salt Lake teaching Special Education in elementary schools. Bill Larkin and I dated during college and were married in April 1975, when he finished his schooling.

I chose to become a full-time mother with the birth of our first child in May 1977, a girl we named Nichole. Over the next several years, I also had Paul (1979), John (1981), Kimberly (1983), and, finally, Danny and Ricky (twins, 1986). The six children have kept me pretty busy, particularly having the twin boys.

But I've been very active outside my family also. I've almost constantly been involved as a leader in both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouting. Currently, I'm the Blazer Patrol Leader for our local Boy Scout Troop and at the same time serving as the leader of my daughter's Girl Scout Troop. Since having twins, I've been an active member of the Salt Lake Mother of Twins Club, serving on their Board most years. The PTA has also been a part of my life, working in different positions for eight years. Bill and I started a business, Laser Mail, in 1981, but I've not been working there on a regular basis since 1986.

We have lived in Salt Lake since our marriage in 1975 and have a beautiful home in Holladay. I run or play tennis almost every morning and run 5K and 10K races.



After graduating from OHS, I attended Ricks Jr. College on a football/track scholarship and then attended Weber State on a football scholarship and graduated in 1975. I married Peggy Anne Warner (OHS '73) and we have three children, Tori, 14, Andy, 12, and Gretchen, 9. I am the owner of Morris Travel and am a member of the Ogden Golf & Country Club and the Rotary Club of Ogden and serve on the Board of Commissioners of the Utah Travel Council. I enjoy golfing (2 HDCP).



I was just a poor city boy, unknown by many, just a stealth tiger. No fame, no fortune, just fun and fantasy. Life's been great since I left the marble halls and graffitied walls.

After graduation, I joined the Navy in July 1971, and became a ship's navigator. I was stationed in Long Beach on the ship "USS Chandler". I served in Vietnam from September 1972 through July 1973. I attended Weber State for four years majoring in Business Management. I started work at Hill AFB in August 1974. In July 1987, I worked on satellite acquisitions at Los Angeles AFB for one year and then returned to Hill working with F-16 engineering and system program management.

I married Leanne Fry (from Clearfield), in 1980, and have a 10-year-old daughter named Jorgan and an eight-year-old son named Thomas Chad. I currently enjoy bowling, golf, hunting and an occasional brew.



After leaving college, I went on to a career in the sales field, selling a number of different products for different companies such as: Copiers for Cannon and Minolta, Turf Irrigation Systems for Salt City Irrigation and Industrial Chemicals for Kim- Ko Chemicals. In 1985, I found my sales niche in selling Medical Laser Systems for HGM Medical Laser Systems. In 1988, I was promoted to sales manager and transferred to Dallas, Texas. In 1990, I was recruited by Alcon Surgical for their Laser and Imaging Division. Beyond responsibility for a five-state sales region, I have been designated Field Sales Trainer for my division.

I have not married or had children, choosing to put my career first for the time being.



I am alive and well and living in Seattle. I got married in 1984 and have a beautiful wife and a two-year-old daughter. I'm doing my best to maintain my sense of humor in my old age!



I have lived and worked in the Ogden area ever since graduating from high school. I worked at Western Mortgage Loan Corporation for thirteen years and at McKay-Dee Hospital for two. I am presently attending Weber State University and will graduate in 1993 with a degree in Nursing. I have two teenage daughters who keep me challenged on a daily basis and I enjoy the out of doors in my spare time.



During my senior year at OHS, I worked part-time (afternoons) at Hill AFB; I continued with that job through my first year of college at Weber State. In 1973, I began to work full-time at Weber State and continued with undergraduate studies at night school. During the next nine years, I progressed through Weber State in various secretarial, administrative assistant, and program management positions.

In 1982, I transferred to a civil-service position at Hill AFB; in 1983, I was selected for a career opportunity to enter into an "Explosives Safety Specialist" for the Armament (munitions) Division. In this position, I work with system engineers in evaluating the design-safety criteria for weapons and munitions items being considered for the Air Force application; I also develop risk/hazard safety analyses for ongoing surveillance test projects of inventory weapons and munitions.

I am single (divorced), and have no children. Two years ago, I bought an older home in the Ogden east bench area. I love this state and its scenic splendor! I enjoy traveling, theatre, "goldie oldies" Rock-N-Roll, and simple pleasures. In my spare time, I work with local area high schools as choreographer for their musical-theatre productions. One of my goals is to. . .someday. . .complete that undergraduate degree.



I married Susan Harte (OHS '71) on June 2, 1972 and we are the parents of four children: Shawn, 16 (deceased, 1990), Corey, 15, Brett, 14, Stacie, 11. I have been a police officer for the past 16 years and am currently the Chief of Police for the Huntsville Police Dept. and am a sergeant for the No. Ogden Police Dept. We live in Liberty where we enjoy horses and the outdoors.



I graduated from Weber State with an Associate in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Child Development. I also had the opportunity of spending a semester abroad in Salzburg, Austria, with Brigham Young University.

I married Kirk Sanders (OHS, '70) in 1975 and we have four children: Ryan, 14, Leigh, 12, Erin, 9, and Emily, 7. We lived in Salt Lake City for six years before being transferred to Seattle, Washington, where we lived for eight years. For the past year, we have lived in Tualatin, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. We have enjoyed living in different places. I look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion and really appreciate those that gave of their time to organize this great reunion so that we all could enjoy it. Many thanks!



I married LaDean Memmott in 1975 and we are the parents of seven children: Jonathan, 14, Laura, 12, Michelle, 11, Heidi, 10, Justin, 7, Rebecca, 5, and Amy, 3. I have worked for the Ogden City Water Utilities for 14 years and am currently a Certified Water Treatment Plant Supervisor in Ogden Canyon. I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, water-skiing, reading, snow skiing and traveling (Bahamas, and river trips in Moab). I am active in the LDS church and have served in many ward and stake positions.



Following graduation from Ogden High, I attended Weber State where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in microbiology in 1977. From 1972 to 1973, I served a mission for the LDS church in Austria. In 1974, I married Vicki Lynn Nickens and our first son, Tom, was born in 1976. We then moved to Idaho, where from 1977 to 1979, I earned a Master of Science degree in microbiology at Idaho State University. We then moved to California, where I worked as a chemist for a Firestone Rubber Company; as a microbiologist for an oyster growing company; and as a part-time biology and chemistry instructor for a community college in Salinas. We then moved back to Utah in 1982 where I worked as a research specialist on the artificial heart program for the University of Utah until 1984. From 1984 to 1989, I worked as a Sr. research specialist for Gull Laboratories in Salt Lake City, developing diagnostic kits for infectious diseases. Our twins, Luke and Janna, were born in 1983 and then another girl, Jonica, in 1985. We now live in Vacaville, California, where I have been working as a research scientist for Bio-Rad Laboratories since 1989.



I am married to Ryan Hadley (OHS '71) and we are the parents of four children: Shawn, 16 (deceased, 1990), Corey, 15, Brett, 14, Stacie, 11. I graduated from Weber State University in 1990 and am presently employed as a fifth grade school teacher in the Weber School District. We live in Liberty and enjoy our horses and the outdoors.



How can one squeeze 20 years into a few lines? It is good that we didn't know what the future would hold for each of us as we passed the portals of graduation. The pattern of my life has been one of constant change, adventure, lessons to learn and like, happy times and hard times.

My life's companion, John, is extremely goal oriented--so you can imagine my trying to keep up with him. We have been blessed with two lovely daughters, Carolyn and Laura (they really are heaven sent). Oh, and of course, our circle includes an extremely lively little dog, Chico, and Old Max, the cat. I have a passion for gardening, reading, cooking (I am considered a health nut by many). I still love the mountains and sunshine--although I enjoy them more from a distance now.

Some highlights have been our years we lived on the island of Guam and in Kent, New York. As the saying goes though, "there is no place like home." Hopefully, Sandy, U.S.A., will be our abode until final graduation from life.

I am thankful to so many of you who traveled the way in those high school years for being a light to me. Those friendships were a strength and now bring special memories. I have taken a bit longer than the usual individual to discover what my mission in life was to be. The greatest happiness and success always come from (this is a test--choose one): a. boating on a 50 ft. yacht on Lake Powell; b. cleaning the house; c. making righteous choices and building loving relationships. The correct answer is "c" and I know all of you have come to the same conclusion in life.



After graduation, I served a mission for the LDS church in Washington State from 1972-74. I married Lori Whitney on August 15, 1975 in the Ogden Temple. We have five children--Brent, 14, Summer, 11, Jami, 9, Cari, 6, and Matthew, 2. I graduated from Weber State in 1978 with a B.S. in business management. I graduated from Colorado State University in 1979 with an MBA. I have worked for U.S. West Communications since 1979. I work in Marketing in the New Opportunity Development Group where I am a Senior Product Developer. I am the Project Leader for a new service called "Caller ID" which displays the name and telephone number of the person calling. We have lived in Fort Collins, Grand Junction and Littleton, Colorado and currently live in Mesa, Arizona. I am active in playing basketball, softball, tennis, snow skiing and camping.



I have been married for 19 years to a terrific guy, Terry Larson (OHS '69). We have two great sons, Britt, 15, and Rory, 12. I'm going to have to gear up to cheer for Weber High next year, since my boys will be going there. Good thing they won't be playing against OHS!

I worked for four years at Christenson's Shoe Store, which is now out of business. Then I worked for 2 years for Midland Shoe Corp, which no longer has stores in Utah. Then I was a Teacher's Aide for Kindergarten at Lorin Farr Elementary, that's the now torn down building on the corner of 22nd and Harrison. Do you see a pattern here? The Bon Marche' hired me to take pictures of children with Santa. They moved to Layton. Anyway, I have had a pre-school in my home, I've done cross-stitching for Vanessa Ann, a cross stitch design company in Ogden, and for now I work for Lewis Craft and Decorating.

The last 20 years have had their ups and downs, but for the most part, it been the happiest time of my life. I hope all of you have been so lucky.



After bumming around for a few years and doing nothing but having fun, I decided I'd better do something worthwhile.

I went to work for Bill Larsen as a bricklayer. That lasted for about seven years and was also a lot of fun.

I married my lovely wife, Darcie, in 1977. She graduated from Weber High in 1974. We have three sons, Josh, 12, Eric, 10, and Brian, 2. We have lived in North Ogden since 1977.

In 1981, I went to work for Westinghouse at Western Zirconium. I still enjoy golfing and skiing, even though I seem to be getting up there in years!



I received a B.S. degree from Weber State and served an LDS mission to Tennessee. I have worked as a teacher at the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind and currently work for the Corporation of the President--LDS Church.



After graduating from OHS, I worked at various jobs and attended Weber State College. In July of 1975, I married Dale Schultz in the Ogden Temple. We are now the busy parents of five children--Carrie (15), Steven (13), Brad (9), Lisa (7), and Eric (3). We enjoy supporting them in their school, scouting, and sports activities. We like to be outdoors--we swim, bike, play sports, and go camping together. Dale is a salesman for Clover Club Foods and I work part-time as a tax examiner for the I.R.S. We are active in the LDS Church (Dale is on the Stake High Council and I am a Relief Society Spiritual Living Teacher.) The last 20 years have not made me rich or famous, but they have brought me a lot of happiness!



As I write this letter, it doesn't seem possible that 20 years have passed since our graduation. Familiar words, right? And how often will they be repeated at the reunion. I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend the reunion so I send my personal greetings via this letter to each of you and to so many other friends in the Class of '71. Everyone will be sharing life stories when you gather; I'll just give you a brief note of what's happened to me since our 10-year reunion. I'm still single and up until July 1990, I worked at Parker Hannifin Aerospace (since 1978) with my last job there being a coordinator for participative programs. In July, 1990, I made a radical "career" change, so to speak: I came to quiet Swan Valley, MT, tucked away between the Mission and Swan Mountain ranges in northwest Montana to serve as a pastoral assistant in our small mountain parish and to live at a small Catholic retreat house, The Sycamore Tree. My (unofficial) title here is factotum--I do just about everything from administration to cutting wood to heat the place. Work and life at The Sycamore Tree and in our parish is rich and varied; it looks like this will be permanent. At least at this point, I'm hoping so.



From 1971 to 1973, I was a professional musician, and played in several musical groups based out of Ogden and Spokane, as a drummer. In 1973, I was a sales manager for Consumer's of America, direct sales, in Ogden and then became a partner/manager for Perry's Farm and Garden in Brigham City. From 1976 to 1979, I was the store manager for Crazy Bear Indian Jewelry in Ogden and Salt Lake and the owner/operator of Big Chief Indian Jewelry in Ogden. From 1979 to 1981, I served an LDS mission to San Diego, Spanish speaking. From 1982 to 1985, I worked at Nordstrom's in Salt Lake as a part-time salesman during college. I attended Weber State and received an associate of Applied Science and then transferred to the University of Utah where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Law degree. I am presently an Attorney at Law in private practice at the firm of Farr, Kaufman, Hamilton, Sullivan, Gorman and Perkins. I also play with a musical combo in the Ogden area called Long-Shot, still playing the drums. I married Elon Worrall on March 20, 1982, and have three children, Aubrey, 7, Bowen, 5, and Courtney, 2.



After serving a mission in Germany, I graduated from Weber State with an accounting degree. I spent six years as a CPA in public accounting with Wiggins & Co., and one year as a financial analyst for McKay-Dee Hospital. I received my Ph.D. in accounting from the University of Utah in 1988. Presently, I am on the accounting faculty at Utah State. My wife is Carol Daniels (OHS, 1972). We have three children, Lane (13), Melissa (11), and Caitlin (3).



I served and LDS mission from 1972-74 in Peru and then graduated from Weber State College with a degree in psychology. I married Ann Norton (OHS, '72) in 1977. I graduated from BYU in 1979 with an M.S. in marriage and family therapy and then graduated from U.S.U in 1984 with a Ph.D. in psychology. We have three children (12, 11, and 7) and are living in Providence, Utah. I am employed in private practice as a clinical psychologist.



After graduating from OHS, I went on to Weber State College, majoring in Child Development. I married a wonderful guy named Dave, who had also graduated from OHS a few years earlier. I worked at Farr's Ice Cream a short time while going to school, then I got a job at McKay Hospital as a clerk in the Orthopedic Ward.

We have two children. Tyler, who just graduated from Clearfield High School this year, and Kimberly, who will be in the seventh grade this fall.

I have been a homemaker for the past several years raising our children. Last year, I went back to work as a substitute teacher, but now I work at Fremont Elementary, which I just love.

I have been very active in the LDS church, holding various positions from Stake Primary Secretary to Young Women's President. My husband is in the Bishopric and I am 1st counselor in the Relief Society. I am also serving as secretary in the P.T.A.

We have lived in Clinton for the past 15 years and really enjoy our community. We love to travel, especially to fly. Our favorite places are St. Louis, New Orleans, and Minneapolis. We also like to hook our trailer up to our van and go camping.



I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife, Lorl, and two children, Korl (6), and Decon (3). I have been in sales for the past twelve years and during those years have lived in Phoenix, Ogden, Boston and Salt Lake. Before that, I attended Utah State University.



My primary employer is Weber State University. I work in the Public Safety Department as a Police Officer. I am also employed part-time by Pleasant View Police Department. I am presently awaiting a work release from the doctors because of injuries sustained December 22, 1990. I was assisting a stalled motorist on HWY 89 when my Patrol car was rear-ended by a drunk-driver.

I am a divorced father of four children: Cassie, 15, Chris, 14, Rachel, 7, and Rebecca, 7. I am engaged to Debbie Tessean. After we are married, we will have a combined family of eight children.

I am a member of the Ogden Elks #719 and the Golden Spike Vintage Car Club. I am actively involved with the Law Enforcement Torch Run to benefit Utah Special Olympics. I am the past president of the Weber Regional Training and the Weber County School District Safety Committee. I have assisted in developing several crime prevention brochures and programs in use in Weber County.

My future plans include returning to work, getting married, completing a university degree, and restoring my '71 Chevy Nova (the yellow bomb has been laid to rest).



I graduated from Weber State University with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education. I married Craig Olson -- I met him in my geography class while at Weber State. I taught elementary school for three years and then quit to stay home with my children. We have five children, ages 1,3,7,10, and 12. We live in Syracuse, Utah. My husband is a contract negotiator at Hill Field and received a master's degree from the University of Utah in economics. We are active in our church and are keeping busy trying to keep up with the kids.



I am married to Rodney A. Dopp (also OHS '71) and am the mother of two children. I have lived in Harrisville for twelve years. I have a B.S. degree in Psychology from U.S.U. and am currently working part-time at Weber State University in Freshman Year Support Services counseling new freshmen through their first year as a college student. I am an aerobics instructor and enjoy walleyball, water skiing and square dancing.



I attended the University of Utah for one year, then finished my B.S. degree in Computer Science at Brigham Young University in April 1975. That same month, I married Sharon Elzey (OHS, 71). We have lived in Salt Lake City in the Holladay area ever since. Though Sharon and I had known each other since elementary school (We were in the same first grade class), our first date was for our Ogden High School graduation night parties in 1971.

My first job out of college was as a Systems Analyst for Salt Lake City Corporation. After a few years there, I went to work for Galbraith & Green, an insurance company, and was the Director of Applications Programming. I left in 1981, having no desire to continue working for large companies and climbing "corporate ladders".

Sharon and I started our own company called "Laser Print" to provide computer printing services using the then new technology of high speed laser printers. We struggled for about five years before the business really began to payoff. During that time, the company name was changed to Laser Mail, specializing in direct mail advertising and has done quite well.

Currently, I serve as the President of Laser Mail, on the Advisory Board of the International Association of Laser Printers, and as an active member of the Salt Lake Kiwanis Club, on the Board of Directors for Larkin Mortuary (in Salt Lake), and as President of the Holladay Baseball League.

Sharon and I have six children (see her biography for details). I play basketball, baseball, and golf (none very well) and have done a little scuba diving in Florida. As a family, we like to go on trips to St. George and to our family cabin in Liberty (Ogden Valley).



In the fall of 1971, I attended the University of Utah, graduating in 1974 in Child Development and Family Relations. I started graduate school that fall working toward a masters of Business Administration. I met my husband, T. Richard (Rick) Davis, while in graduate school. We married in the spring of 1976. He is an attorney with Callister, Duncan and Nebeker, a large legal firm in Salt Lake. We have six children, 2 girls and 4 boys: Amanda, 13, Alta, 12, Ricky 10, Ralph, 7, Jesse, 4, Russell, 19 months, and we are expecting our surprise seventh in September.

I spend most of my time going to baseball, soccer and basketball practices along with piano, tennis and swimming lessons and getting my children to do their jobs, homework and practicing. I'm an expert at doing dishes, making P. & J. sandwiches, changing diapers and washing dirty little hands and faces. I am involved in Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, administration of my kid's soccer league, politics, church, gardening, camping, hiking and vision screening. I'm enjoying my family, old and new friends and life in general.



Twenty years have passed, it's hard to believe

Many choice experiences have been mine to receive.

I went to college at Weber State

I found a great man, we began to date.

We married and started a family right away

Our firstborn Bryce (17 1/2) wants to be a C.P.A.

Then came Katee (16) with beautiful features

She wants to be a kindergarten teacher.

Trent (13 1/2) and David (10) were numbers three and four

Their lives surround sports and the winning score.

Emily (8 1/2) was our last or so we were thinking

But Troy (3) came along and caught us all blinking.

If you're thinking this rhyme is so very corny

Blame my kids who didn't want this to be boring.

Anyway, Mel (my husband) is the Bishop and I'm in P.T.A.

With three teenagers, life is hectic every day.

We've been very blessed and very happy

And this is the end of a poem that is sappy!



After graduating from OHS, the draft seemed a little close, so I joined the U.S. Air Force. That move sent me to the deep south and then to Europe during my four years. I then bounced across the country from Utah to the East, going to school and working at various jobs. Finally I ended up in Maine, where I discovered it was fun being a Police Officer but it was too cold to stay. Another trip to Utah and a job got me to stay. I then met a woman who could handle me and two super kids are the result. I would move in a minute to see someplace new.



After graduating from OHS, I married Les B. Newey on June 30, 1972. He also went to Ogden High for a short period of time. After we were married, we lived in Ogden for a year. Les joined the Army and was a track wheel mechanic. We were first stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado, living in Colorado Springs for four years. During our stay there, we were blessed with a baby girl, Brandy Lee. In 1977, the Army sent us to Freiburg, Germany, where we were blessed with another baby girl named Frankie Maxine. We stayed in Germany for three years, while able to travel around and see many places such as Belgium, Holland, Berlin and visiting old castles and learning of cultures of other countries. In 1980, we were sent to Ft. Riley, Kansas, where we had our third and last child, Joshua Les. Les had to go to Korea for a year, so we stayed in Kansas. In 1983, the Army sent us to Ft. Hood, Texas. After staying a year in Texas, we went back to Germany and stayed there for three years. Now we are at Ft. Riley, Kansas again and have lived here for four years. We have two more years in the Army until we retire. We are really looking forward to getting out and having our own home and not having to move anymore. We have really enjoyed the service, but we are ready to get out.



After high school, I completed an LDS mission to Northern Italy. I then married Joy Cluff from Caldwell, Idaho. I earned a B.S. degree from W.S.C. in business education. I later completed a technical skill degree in sheet metal drafting and layout from the Ogden A.V.C. I am currently a principle shareholder and corporate secretary for Richards Sheet Metal Works, Inc., specializing in estimating and stainless steel fabrication.

I served on the High Council of the Canyon View Stake and have been involved in many musical activities for the LDS church. I am currently involved in the scouting organization and catering to the needs of six growing kids ranging in age from 4 to 16.



I graduated from Long Island University in New York City with a B.S. in Medicine. I am currently working as a Physician's Assistant for Central Valley Medical Center in Nephi, Utah. My wife and I own our own business, J & R Medical Consultants, Inc. I am married to the former Rayma Read of Hooper, Utah, and we have four sons.



The past 20 years for me have been full and varied. I received a B.S. in math from Utah State University in 1974 and also an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University in 1978. I worked as a geophysical programmer for Gulf Oil Corporation in Pittsburgh, PA, from 1978 to 1981. For the next several years, I taught at a university and a college in PA and in Colorado. I married in 1981 and have two children. We moved overseas in 1988 and spent two wonderful years in Norway. Once again, living in Pennsylvania, I am looking forward to returning to teaching as well as pursuing my hobby of weaving fabrics and wall hangings.



It is fun to recall and reflect our times at Ogden High. To see those times filtered thru another 20 years of life experiences definitely changes the perspective. Often what was so important then is not now. In fact, we can see it never really was. But before I get too philosophical, let me do the travelogue.

After graduation, I went to Utah State University for a year, then on a mission to Texas, which was a great, life changing experience. Back to USU for an additional four years where I earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering (thank you Mrs. Jones). While there I played on the USU golf team, took every PE class they offered, and generally had a great time. Maybe that is why I spend five years getting a four-year degree. At school I met Patti Bills from Sandy, UT. We dated for a few years and got married my senior year, 1977. Without getting too mushy, suffice it to say she is a great wife. She means absolutely everything to me.

After USU, I went to work for General Electric as a Sales Engineer. We lived in Denver, Chicago, Phoenix, and Farmington, NM. After seven years with GE, I quit, moved back to Orem, and went to work for the infamous Bill Larkin at Laser Mail in SLC. I spend 3.5 years of arduous toil under that slave driver Larkin working for free. (Note: Anyone that knows Bill knows I'm kidding. He was a generous and patient boss with a great little company that is now a great big company.) Having caught the entrepreneurial bug from Bill, I quit to start my own business. For the last four years I have built a small property management business here in Orem. I manage 4-plexes, duplexes, and homes for out-of-state owners as well as a few units of our own. It is a good business that gives me the flexibility to play some golf. I am captain of our 8-man team at Riverside Country Club and I try to play in a few tournaments each year.

Now for the real important stuff. Patti and I have three super kids. Beth Ann is 12 and was born in Chicago. She starts Jr. High this year and loves to read. Corinne is 10 and loves sports and piano. She was born in New Mexico. Spencer is 3 1/2 and is so much fun for our whole family. He's got a great little golf swing and he is really gabby. I think Mrs. Hansen got to him before he was born and told him to give me a hard time, because the kid has a real attitude. We live in a nice little NE Orem neighborhood and I get to go to all of the BYU football and basketball games. What can I say? Life is great!

Gosh, my travelogue is too long; no more room for philosophy. I'll just finish by saying that it's been a great 20 years. We've seen some places, made some friends, grown in the Church, and laughed, sometimes a lot, almost every day. Talk about important stuff.



Looking back 20 years--seems like an eternity--yet it seems like only yesterday. OK, here goes--After high school, I went to U.S.U. for three years where I graduated with a B.A. in history. Since I didn't have anything else better to do nor did I have the faintest inkling of what I wanted to be when I grew up, I went to law school at the U. of U. While suffering through law school, I also part-owned and ran a private club in Ogden, called the Iron Horse. I got out of law school and the private club business and came back to Ogden to "set out my shingle". After a year of private practice, I joined the Weber County Attorney's Office as a prosecutor, starting out in juvenile court and then being transferred to the adult court system. In 1982, I married another lawyer and we had a little boy, Nic, who's now eight years old. I kept Nic, and not the husband. In 1989, I decided to try the marriage routine one last time and married a pretty terrific guy by the name of John Stubbs, who's a detective with the Ogden City Police Dept. Because I became known by "Knowlton" in my profession after my first marriage and so as not to cause any confusion for my son, I retained the "Knowlton" surname after my second marriage. "Ghost-towning" and scrounging around old historic places occupy what little spare time we find--both of us are workaholics whose goal it is not to be such.



I've been employed at Kier Construction Corporation in Ogden for the past 16 years, where I currently hold the position of Operations Manager/ Controller. I was married and lived in East Layton for 15 years. I have one stepson, age 20. I now live in Ogden and enjoy cycling, water-skiing, skiing, power-walking, weight training and spending time with family and friends.



I am married and have five children and four stepchildren. They all live with me. Their ages range from 16 down to 4 with two eight-year-olds. We live in North Ogden. My husband's name is Burke Ward. He is a manufacturing engineer at Thiokol. I work at I.R.S.

We just returned from a fun trip to Hawaii last year. We went on our honeymoon. I have been married for one year and was previously married for 13 years.



After high school and having odd jobs for a few years, it was decided that I would be better off going back east to Massachusetts where my family originated. From 1974 to 1979, I worked at various jobs back there, went to nursing school and got a degree in nursing and worked as a nurse for a year before it was time to return back home to Ogden in 1980. Here I met John Clark Lane and started working at Ogden Care Center North. I quit after five years and stayed home for another five years taking care of my daughter Emily Caroline Lane. As of 1989, I've returned once again to the work force working at Washington Terrace Nursing Center and for the Medical Personnel Pool of Utah. I love my jobs, my family and husband have brought me complete joy and fulfillment to date.



I am currently living in Salt Lake City with two children, Christy, 15, and Cory, 12. I am employed by ALTA Health Strategies as a Service Representative in their Salt Lake Marketing Office. I enjoy vacations with the kids, watching Cory play soccer (his team took first place at the Utah Summer Games), traveling, running, hiking, camping, backpacking, biking and my job.



For the past twenty years I have thought deeply about how to live my life. I examined religions, love, sex, philosophy, life in general. I tried living poor and living rich. I tried traveling, a college degree, a career, a variety of places to live. I think I know myself now. I have recently become less materialistic and retired. I enjoy life and live it simply, with my friend of 14 years, Judith.



I have been married to Georgie Allred (OHS '72) for 17 years. We live in Kaysville and have four children, Ryan, 17, Austin, 13, Andrea, 13, and Chelsey, 9. I have a bachelor's degree and an MBA. I own two auto parts stores, (Roy and Ogden) and am a partner in a telecommunications consulting firm in Salt Lake City.



After high school graduation, I attended two years of college- -one at BYU and one at Weber State. Then, while working nights at I.R.S., I was swept off my feet by and married Robbie Reeve. We kept up with school and part-time work until our first baby was born. Robbie was accepted to the University of Utah's Medical School and so we moved to Salt Lake where we began our four years of additional "student life". During these years, we added two more children to our family and stayed one extra year in Salt Lake while Robbie completed and Internship in Internal Medicine.

That chapter of our life ended and a new one began as we moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan for four more years of "student life" while Robbie did a residency in Ophthalmology and later a fellowship in Glaucoma. We decided during this time to round out our family and added one more little girl to our clan, making a total of two boys and two girls. Upon completion of all this training, we moved back to Salt Lake City to set up a practice and buy a home, but after six months, received an even more promising offer in Paradise, California, took the Step and moved for good from Utah. We love our little town in northern California, it's been four years that we've lived here and it's a wonderful place to raise a family. Robbie has joined a partnership and set up two offices, serves in the bishopric of our ward, coaches and plays all manner of sports, and is one terrific husband and father. I have kept busy with the responsibilities that fall upon a Mom and have been fortunate enough to make it a full-time career. I love and am extremely proud of my family. Church callings, Den mother, Taxi driver, classes, music, aerobics, friends, and front-row cheerleading keep me super busy-- busy enough that I can't believe that 20 years has passed.

The past four years have been great, we've finally learned that there is "life after school".



After graduation from high school, I earned a B.S. degree from Weber State College where I met and started into a lengthy courtship with Kirk Christiansen. I entered the work force, employed in several retail jobs before I settled into a career at U.S. West Communications in Salt Lake where I have worked for what will be ten years this fall.

Kirk and I were married in 1979 and moved to Layton, mid point between my job in Salt Lake and Kirk's store, John's Jewelry, South Ogden. For ten years, we lead the independent lifestyle of a couple with a double income and no kids. Then my biological alarm clock rang--loudly and we had twins, our first child, a girl Claire, and our last child, a boy Jon. They are 2 1/2 and there is never a dull moment at our home, now back in South Ogden.

It's comforting to know some things never change. Jane Triscik King is still my best friend and will be at the next reunion.



How do you summarize the last twenty years of a happy life and not make it sound like a Christmas brag letter? Worse yet, it must pass the tough standards of all who enjoyed Beverly Hansen's English classes!

It is as difficult for me to believe that twenty years have passed as it is for me to look up to my 6'3" fifteen year old son. I fear someday I'll only be eye level to his belly button! But enough digression.

I attended Weber State College and majored for at least two quarters each in English, French, History, Accounting, Psychology, Music, and Microbiology. I liked them all and just couldn't make up my mind! After having worked as a waitress, pharmacist's assistant, credit manager for a local lumber store, dental assistant, and dental technician, I married Richard Evans and began making stained glass windows in my home. Remember the huge piano windows on John Dunkley's building on 12th and Washington? Those were two of mine.

As my fourth child (one boy, three girls) approached kindergarten age, I decided to go back to college and find out what I was going to be when I grew up. I finally graduated in Education with over 250 hours in 1986. I finished my masters at Weber State University this spring, 1991, and have plans to go on. The masters is why I'm not at the reunion. A month before the reunion notice came, my husband presented me with a graduation present--tickets for the whole family to see Phantom of the Opera.

My life is great! My kids are wonderful! And best of all, my garden died, so I won't have to can it this fall! See you at the 25th!



From '71 to '75, I attended college at Claremont McKenna College. '75 to '79 were my "ski bum" years. I spent winters at Snowbird at various jobs including a singing waiter and summers working for NOLS -- a mountaineering school in Wyoming and Montana. From '79 to '80 I attended massage school in Santa Fe and then training lead to certification as a Rolfer in Boulder, Colorado. In '84 and '85, I was back in Salt Lake working as a Rolfer and going back to school for pre-med courses. I spent '84 to '88 in medical school in Norfolk, Virginia. I met my wife on a medical expedition in Nepal. From '88 to '91, I completed a Family Practice Residency in Tucson, Arizona. This September, we expect the birth of our first child and anticipate a move to Loveland, Colorado to join a small Family Practice Group.



I was married to Merrill Budge in Feb, 1970. He joined the Navy for four years. We were stationed back East in the New England states. While we were in the service, we had our first three children, Julie, Paul and Steven. From 1974 to 1978, we had three more children, Janice, David and Melissa. They were all born here in Utah. In 1983, we were divorced. I decided to go to college and get my degree. I graduated with an associate degree in sales and retail. I sold advertising for "Hill Top Times" (Hill AFB newspaper) for 2 1/2 years. Then I worked for Silo as a salesperson and later as an assistant manager for 2 1/2 years. In 1986, I married Bryan Cherry. He has three boys by his first marriage, Jason, Heston and Treaver. So we have nine kids between us. In June of 1990, Bryan was injured on the railroad and he took a medical retirement and I retired from Silo in Feb. of 1991. Bryan is attending Weber State and I am staying home and being a homemaker and loving every minute of it. My oldest daughter was married in May of 1990 to Scott Workman. No children yet, so I'm not a grandmother.



I worked over ten years in the Computer Department of a mortgage and loan company. After being a homemaker for seven years, I've returned to Weber State University to complete Nursing School. I've been divorced and remarried and have two little boys ages four and seven.



After graduating from OHS, I spent the next ten years living in the Portland, Oregon area raising six children as well as surviving being married to the Chief of Police for a small town just west of Portland, named Yamhill. While in Oregon, I worked for Evergreen International Airlines, and was instrumental in revising the Pilot's Operating Manual for the DC-8, DC-9 and Boeing 727 planes, meeting Federal Regulations.

Then, I got divorced and moved back to Utah where I was Administrative Secretary to Mr. Ken Alford at Mount Ogden Middle School for 2 1/2 years, then went to work at Morton Thiokol as a typographer, reprographics equipment operator and clerk for three years. I bought the kids and myself a home in Garland to be closer to work. I got laid off in February, 1990 and then went to work for La-Z-Boy as a seamstress, and then decided to better my employment opportunities so this last spring, I relocated to West Valley and am looking for a new career.

I'll most likely be unable to attend the reunion due to the fact that my fiancť is presently stationed at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi for eight months attending school, and I'll be headed that way the time of the reunion to visit him. Paul's an electronic technician, as well as in the Utah National Air Guard and has a job at Delta waiting for him when he returns. Together, we enjoy kite-flying, videos, radio controlled airplanes, fishing, camping, reading, swimming, etc. My hobbies are fishing, camping, tatting, cross-stitch and desktop publishing and genealogy. I am affiliated with the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and Parents Without Partners. Good luck to you all!



I have five children ages 18 to 9 years old--four boys and one girl. The oldest one, Jeremy, graduated from Ogden High this year! Exactly 20 years after his parents! Wow--time does fly! After being a mom and wife for 15 years, I decided to go back to school. I am majoring in history and attending Weber State University. I also work in the History Department as a secretary. I like my job and really enjoy school. I am living in the same house I grew up in on Tyler Ave. and my kids attend the same schools I did. Fun, although some the same teachers--good and bad--are still teaching.

I stay busy with school, work, taking care of the kids, housework, and gardening. I teach skiing in the winter and go hiking and camping in the summer. It is hard to believe its 20 years since high school. I also play soccer on a women's team (indoor and outdoor) but wish I could have played when I was real young!



Since 1971, I've moved to Salt Lake, been married and unmarried, brought Mary Katherine (Katie) into the world nine years ago, traveled as much as I possibly can, been to school an additional eight years, worked at the Jewish Community Center for 15 years, found out that I'm not able to keep my checkbook balanced, realized how great the 60's and 70's music was since it's all back on the radio, and finally, as each new gray hair appears and the aging process begins, I've still got a lot to do and more than half a lifetime to do it.



After OHS, I attended Weber State College for two years and received an associate degree in Office Administration. While there, I was affiliated with LaDianeda Sorority. I then traveled south to the "zoo" at BYU in Happy Valley with several friends. I found it not only fun but also challenging (wearing a dress everyday was a bit too much at times). After BYU, I was employed at the State and worked for Social Services in Ogden and Salt Lake City. During this time, I met and married Tom Carn, a 1970 graduate of Bonneville High.

He was accepted at the U. of U. Medical School, so off to the big city we went for four years of poverty, but also great memories at University Village, a married student housing complex. There we found out Happy Valley didn't have the only "zoo" in Utah. There were kids everywhere, including two of our own.

At the end of medical school, our roots pulled us back to Ogden where Tom completed a three-year residency program at McKay Hospital. When the residency ended, we went back to Happy Valley to search for the gold at the end of the rainbow (we're still searching)! Actually, we love living in Orem where Tom is enjoying a very busy practice, and must admit, we are avid BYU fans.

I am a full-time mother of five (three girls and two boys). I've stayed active raising and chasing them, traveling to far off wonderful places and been actively involved with the Medical Wives Auxiliary. I enjoy singing and performing with a small group of medical wives at community and church events--Lawrence Welk would be proud--book early, operators are standing by!

Now, if this isn't enough, for some extra fun, I've taken up the game of golf just so I can see my husband once in a while and seek a little solitude of my own out in the woods!



Since I graduated from High School, it seems life has had much in store for me--so much in fact, I couldn't begin to write a biography without making a novel out of it, or as some would say, I should write a script for a movie. Well, maybe a soap opera. It seems most of everything has come my was, but I'm still here, I'm doing remarkably well, and believe it or not, I'm still sane and quite content with my achievements. I currently live in San Diego (last five years). I'm employed at MCI as an account executive and am very successful at that. I have four children ages 16, 14, 11, and 9 (three girls and one boy). I have enjoyed several outdoor sports. One of my favorite is rollerblading. I suffered a broken arm and many bruises mastering this sport. This keeps me in shape as well as allows an opportunity to get outdoors often as San Diego temps average about 70 degrees year round. I keep in touch with my best friend Carol Bouck who is now residing in Phoenix, Arizona. I see her as often as our lives allow us to but other than that, I don't see many more of my high school buddies. All in all, life has been interesting, not a bit on the boring side.



After high school, I attended WSC for three quarters where I was a cheerleader. I worked as a travel agent for the next seven years--moved to Mexico to study Spanish and then to San Francisco where I worked for Hughes AirWest/Republic Airlines. I was transferred to Los Angeles and got married and had a daughter and then moved back to Ogden in 1981. I later divorced. I went back to work as a travel agent/manager for Murdock Travel in Ogden for nine years. I remarried an Air Force F-4 test pilot, Rick Ward and my daughter, Daisy is age 10. Currently, I am the director of the Convention and Visitor's Bureau and a four-county travel region-- The Golden Spike Empire.



I attended Weber State College, but lost interest when knee problems made me quit the team and abandon all hope for an NBA career. Since 1975, I have been working for Ogden City Corp in various capacities. Currently, I am working in the Development Services Department. I am married to Michael Scott and have no children. I am, however, raising a small poodle who I hope will one day be a pro golfer or doctor and a devoted dog who will provide for my retirement. My hobbies include skiing, golfing, biking, bodybuilding and tag team mud wrestling.



It's hard to believe itís been 20 years since high school. Deliberating over this task of writing a clever note for our 20th reunion yearbook has been exhausting, so I will make it simple.

I finally finished all my schooling this year. I earned a masters degree in Business Administration with no plans to return for more. My wife, Lisa Frandsen (OHS '74) and my kids, Tyler, 13, Shawn, 11, Lindsey, 7, and Clint, 5, are great and have sacrificed the past two years so that I could accomplish this goal.

I have been employed the past 10 years with Williams International, in Ogden and enjoy my work for them as a business analyst.

I have developed a lot of new interests since our last reunion. I enjoy ballet, jazz dancing, baseball, soccer, marbles, tumbling and scouting, to name a few. Isn't it great to be able to relive our childhood activities through our own kids. Lisa and I enjoy golf and our family loves camping, sports, vacations, computers and Nintendo.



Over the last 20 years, I haven't done a whole lot that is worth mentioning. I am married to Vickie Greenfield and we have five children (three girls and two boys). My brother Frank and I own a business together in the fascinating and hair-raising field of roofing and roofing technology. We enjoy the outdoors and Utah Jazz basketball. We're looking forward to seeing a lot of our old friends.



From 1971 to '73, I attended Weber State College and then attended BYU and graduated in 1975 with a B.S. degree in Social Work. I spent three years employed in social services agencies and then from 1978 to 1980, I served an LDS Welfare Services mission to Taiwan. Since 1980, I have been employed by the state of Utah, Department of Human Services, and the State of Oregon, Children's Service Division as a social worker. In 1982, I lived in Shanghai, China for six weeks to study Chinese and travel and in 1988, I bought a home in Salt Lake. In 1991, I completed a master's degree in Public Administration (MPA). I am single and have no children.



It's hard to believe I'm writing this letter from Connecticut. I didn't plan on 20 years bringing so many surprises, like being here and not making it to the reunion.

I'm married to Randy Favero (OHS '69). We have four children, James, 14, Jennifer, 12, Jessica, 10, and Jayce, 4. I kept thinking I would start teaching again, as I did before Jennifer was born, but I realize I must have been slightly crazy! I have come to my senses and will admit four children and one husband are enough challenge for a while. I found I was able to keep involved in the education field through volunteer work. For the past two years, I have served on the Board of Directors of a foundation whose sole purpose was to raise money for the schools in our district in California. Another OHS alumnus was on the Board with me, Kevin Wheelwright (OHS '69). It really is a small world.

We lived in California for 13 years, most recently in the east bay outside San Francisco. (Yes, we were there during the earthquake.) December of 1990 brought our move to the east coast. The move was caused by a change in assignments for Randy. He is now the Administrative Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of IBM. It looks like I had better get used to the east coast! If any of you are ever in the neighborhood of Wilton, CT, I would love to hear from you. I'll be thinking of you all in August.



1971 to 1980 are hazy at best in Salt Lake City. I spent more years that I care to mention looking for my niche in college. I almost found it. I was lured away from my educational pursuit by the almighty green back and worked for an engineering firm until finding my freedom in 1980. Since 1980, (Yahoo!) I found freedom and fresh air in boomtown, Wyoming. I moved to Evanston in late 1980 to work for another engineering company. After a couple of years, I was hired by the county as the County Surveyor and still hold that position. In 1985, I met and married my wife, Peggy, and I have a 15-year-old stepson. In the last year, I have been named chairman of the Uinta County Human Services Board and, based strictly on my untarnished reputation in high school, I was appointed for a two-year term on the local school board. Groovy.



After graduating from Ogden High, I went to work for Ben Maxfield at Maxfield Glass and Paint. While working for Ben for three years, I was able to learn the trade of a glazer. In September of 1973, I married Connie Stromberg (OHS '72) in the Salt Lake Temple. After being married for 1 1/2 years, we had our first child, a boy named Chad. In November of 1975, I went to work for EIMCO, a steel manufacturing company in Salt Lake as a helper. While working for EIMCO, they sent me to Trade Tech in Taylorsville to learn the job of Fabrication Mechanic. After graduating from four years at Trade Tech, I have worked for EIMCO as a Fabrication Mechanic/Welder for 15 years. We have had three more children since Chad, now 16, Lisa, 14, Brett, 7, and Blake, 4. I have held many positions in the LDS church from cub master, elder's quorum presidency, YM advisor to currently serving as a counselor in the bishopric. We are living in Syracuse where we have been for 15 years. My hobbies are still playing any kind of ball, especially one on one with my 16 year old who is playing for Clearfield now. I also enjoy being with my family.



A brief bio of my last 20 years?? Here goes. I have two children (twins) who will be 20 this month. My daughter, Michelle, is married and lives in Salt Lake with her hubby who is finishing law school. My son, Michael, modeled in Italy after graduating from high school. He is back in Ogden now and is temporarily (I hope) working in the car business. We love to water ski, snow ski and golf as a family. My only child left at home has four black paws, a yellow ribbon in her hair and answers to the name of "Minnie".

I have had a successful and interesting career with the U.S. Air Force. I have worked in industrial engineering and logistics and am currently the Chief of Administration for the ICBM Directorate at Hill AFB. I have enjoyed the opportunity to travel with my job and have met a lot of super people, many who have grown into lifelong friends.

I keep very busy these days just "playing". I stay fit by lifting weights and running (which allows me to eat chocolate regularly). So far, I've stayed out of jail, I'm still sane and am enjoying life at 37.



Still trying to earn a living, I'm now in commercial and residential real estate sales, specializing in older homes. We bought a 90-year old home late last year and we are trying to restore it. We have two daughters, ages 13 and 16, and life is certainly exciting with teenagers in the house. My husband, Peter, has one more year left of college. Then he will graduate with a nursing degree. Boy, will I be glad when he graduates! Life is wonderful in Wyoming, nothing but wide-open spaces!



After high school, I attended Weber State College graduating with a certificate of proficiency in Office Administration. I married Barry Mower in 1972. We started our family and started a business about the same time. We have been blessed with seven children, five boys and two girls. Our oldest son, Shawn, just graduated from high school this year. Our second son, David, will be a sophomore next year. Daniel will be in the ninth grade. Wendy, seventh, Robbie, fourth, Michael second, and Michelle will be starting kindergarten. We started American Playworld in 1974 by building basketball standards by hand in our backyard. The company has grown and expanded and in 1986, we started a new business, Lifetime Products. Lifetime is now the second largest retailer of basketball equipment in the United States. Both businesses have continued to grow and at present we employ about 300 people. In 1990, Barry and I were selected as small businessman and woman of the year for the state of Utah. We were privileged to fly back to Washington, D.C. and participate in an SBA conference with the other state winners. I have stayed actively involved in the accounting end of our businesses. I have enjoyed being involved in church work, PTA, and am presently coaching my youngest son's baseball team.



I have spent the last 14 years being a housewife and raising my four children. We have gone through lots of good times and lots of bad. I have now decided to try and start my own career, which I'm excited about.



I entered Weber State in 1971 as a music major. I completed an LDS mission to Finland from 1974-76. I returned to college, changed my major to German and graduated from Weber State in 1978. I entered the University of Utah Graduate School in 1978 and completed a master's degree in German Literature in 1981. My secondary field is philosophy. I completed a Ph.D. in German Literature at the University of Utah in 1988, again with a secondary field of philosophy. I joined the faculty of the German and Slavic Department at BYU in 1989 in a tenure track position, in which I currently remain. I also was a student at Christian- Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany in 1981 and was in residency in Austria and Germany with a student group and as a researcher in 1990.



Twenty years?! Has it been that long since we trudged up and down all those staircases at Ogden High? So, what would anyone really like to know? I survived the battle of the books and graduated from Utah State. I met Steve while giving blood at the U. of U., pretty romantic, huh? Life has been wonderful, thus far. We lived in a roach infested apt. in S. Boston, a mansion in Brookline, Mass., working as a butler and cook and then back to reality to a two-bedroom house in Salt Lake. We then traded pine trees for palm trees and moved to San Diego. I have had jobs as a waitress in Hawaii, exercise instructor, Registered Dietician, Halloween costume designer, and now I'm painting murals on walls and advertisements on storefront windows. The best job of all is mother to four children.



Since high school, I have graduated from Weber State with a B.S. in Science and a B.A. in Business from Utah State. I have served an LDS mission to Alabama/Florida and held several key leadership positions in the LDS church. My employment has centered around the medical sales industry. I have worked for Surgikos (disposable surgical supplies), and Cardiac Pacemakers Inc, (implantable pacemakers). I now have my own business as an independent distributor for endoscopic video cameras (Dyonics, Inc.) and other endoscopic products. I still teach skiing at Powder Mountain Ski School and am actively involved in training/certifying instructors.

I have four great children ages 6, 8, 9 and 14. I married Janelle Waite (Clearfield '73). We enjoy the outdoors, hunting, archery and sports. My greatest success has come as being a hard, honest worker and raising a wonderful family. I am happy with who and what I am.



First of all, I am now the mother of five daughters and two sons. I also have a stepdaughter and a stepson. One daughter is married, so I inherited a son-in-law. I also have three grandchildren.

I am currently working as a medical secretary in Port Angeles, Washington. Sometime in the next year, I hope to qualify for a government grant to start my own agency to help educate parents of children in special education. I feel very qualified for this undertaking, as I have one daughter with Spina Bifida.



I have been married for 17 years to Angela Clark (OHS '73) and have one son, Brian, who is 11 years old. We have been living in Eden for the past 11 years in a home we designed and built ourselves. I have been working for Powder Mountain Ski Area for the past 18 years going from ski teaching to ski school director to maintenance manager and back to teaching part-time at present. I now work for Ogden City Fire Dept. as a Firefighter/Driver- Engineer, and have been there for 6 years. I enjoy fishing, hunting, biking, skiing, and most other outdoor sports.



I graduated from the U. of U. in June, 1974 with a B.A. in English and Linguistics. I married Dave Evans (Bonneville '71) and moved to North Carolina for the next five years where I attended UNC at Chapel Hill Graduate School of Linguistics and worked at Duke University. I moved to Portland, Oregon; Belgrade, Yugoslavia; and ended up in Denver, where I still am. I'm still married to Dave, with two daughters, 11 and 8. I work for Covia Corp (United Airlines) as a computer analyst.



I graduated from Weber State with a B.S. in biology. I have worked as a retail manager for the past 10 years. I am married, and my wife, Laurie, and I have two children, Mike and Jami. We've lived in Ogden Valley since 1980. We like being close to the things we enjoy most, skiing, golf, fly fishing, and mountain biking. I spend a good portion of each summer in Yellowstone fly-fishing and taking classes at the Yellowstone Institute.



From '71 to '75, I worked for Rossignol Ski Co. and went to Weber State. In 1975-77 I served an LDS mission to Virginia. From 1977 to the present I have worked as a carpenter. In June of '81, I received a B.S. from Weber State. On April 13, 1985, I married Pam Christensen in the Ogden Temple. We have three children. I am presently employed at Morton International.



After graduation, I attended Weber State to study Geology. I skied professionally for twelve years teaching at Snow Basin. While working at Ye Lion's Den Restaurant as general manager, I decided to start my own business and now own Food For Thought Cafe in North Ogden. I married Edris Greenwell (Eddie) and we have two children. We reside in North Ogden.



My life , as always, is a whirlwind of activity. I hired on with Hughes Airwest in 1977 and moved to Las Vegas 'til the summer of 1979 when I was transferred to Phoenix. In 1981 or thereabouts, Hughes was bought by Republic Airlines and they closed all bases west of the Mississippi. I was forced to Detroit, Michigan. I chose not to move to Detroit (I can't imagine why!). I stayed in Phoenix and endured many years commuting between there and Detroit to work. In early 1987, Republic Airlines was bought by Northwest Airlines. Northwest is now about eight times as big as Hughes, the Top Banana where I started, and we fly all over the world. I usually fly the Asia routes, which include Tokyo, Osaka, and Seoul. I do a little Europe once in a while.

In the fall of 1989, I moved to North Ogden and have been commuting from here to Detroit to fly. I look forward to July 1 when I will transfer to Los Angeles. Life will be a little easier. It is great to be back in Ogden and so close to the mountains and skiing. After being cooped up in those jets with 400 people, I really look forward to the slow pace and the peace and quiet my hometown offers. I will probably fly till I die.

I am on my second marriage. My husband, Larry Hill, is a Phoenix boy and a pilot for America West Airlines. Our lives and careers go hand in hand.



I attended Weber State College and the University of the Pacific Dental School and graduated June 10, 1977. I am a dentist with my business being at 1245 Capitol Street, Ste. 112-No., in Ogden. I married my wife, Collette, on Sept. 24, 1977 in Greenville, S.C. We have two children, Elisabeth, born Dec 14, 1981, and John, born Sept. 5, 1984.



I graduated from Utah State University with a degree in elementary education in 1974. I have worked for Ogden City Schools for fifteen years teaching second grade, fifth grade and elementary music K-5.

I married Russ King (OHS '70) in 1973 and have two children, Riley (age 12) and Emily (age 8). Russ owns and operates the Greenery Restaurant in Ogden and Swifty's Restaurant in Salt Lake.

We have enjoyed memorable trips to France, Mexico, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Disney World and California. Our spare time activities include gardening and golfing.



After returning from a Gulf States mission, I married Kathy Larsen. We have three sons, Brandon, Bryce and Bradley. I work as a train dispatcher for Southern Pacific Railroad in Roseville, California.



I married my wife, Tammy Adamson, on July 22, 1976 and we have three children, Carson, 13, Heather, 12, and Tyler, 9. I am employed by ITT Life, and am a Utah agent representing the Senior's Group. Tammy is employed by Ogden City Schools and is currently attending Weber State University completing her teacher's certificate.



Although I technically did not graduate from Ogden High, I feel as if I did. My family moved to Germany during the second quarter of my Senior year and I finished High School at Kaiserslautern (K-Town) American High school, an American military dependents school in Germany. I traveled through Europe after graduating and then returned to Ogden and worked as a sound engineer for the local rock band "Callus" which many of you may remember.

In 1976, I moved to California to study recording engineering and audio electronics and hoping I could break into the professional recording industry. I started working for Phillips Ultrasound, as a temporary job, which has lasted 15 years.

I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in Digital Electronic Technologies and currently work as a Printed Circuit Board Designer and the boards that I design are used in the products that Phillips Ultrasound markets around the world. This job required that I learn how to use and program large-scale computer systems and was the motivation for my studies at Chapman University toward my bachelorís degree in Computer Science. I am in the process of developing some software products that I hope to market by the end of this year. Some of these are music related and others are for use in the Electronic Circuit Design.

I have never completely gotten away from music, in fact, my two partners and I have built a small 16-track recording studio in southern California and are currently working on our first album.

Most of my immediate family still lives in northern Utah. I have never married, though I have been close once or twice. I guess I just had other priorities. I have lost track of most of the friends I had during high school, but I hope we can renew old friendships and not let them lapse.



Do any of you really remember back 20 years? After graduating, I attended Weber State College for a year and then served an LDS mission to Uraguay-Paraguay. After returning home, I attended BYU for 1 and 1/2 years. A few months later, I married my sweetheart, Ann, whom I met while in the mission field. We'll be celebrating 15 wonderful years together this year. We are the proud parents of four wonderful children, ages 6 to 14. I worked for several years at Felt Auto Parts and in 1984 I was offered a job at Merrill Bean Chevrolet/Imports, where I am still employed. Last August, I accepted the position of Parts Department Manager. Nine years ago, Ann and I built a house in Harrisville where we still live. We are active in the LDS church and I have served as Ward Finance Clerk and am now serving as Stake Clerk in the Harrisville Utah Stake.



On March 9, 1973, I married Rick Hadley. We have been married for 18 years and have six wonderful children. Ryan, who will be 17 in July, Jason, who will by 15 in Aug., Melissa and Carilee, who are 12, Brittney who is six, and Brooke who is 4. All of them have done well in school and are in a lot so it keeps us really busy. Rick was an engineer on the railroad for 13 years and then separated from it. Now he is doing landscaping and loving every minute of it. I am involved in childcare at the present and enjoy being home with my own family. We live a very busy life but enjoy every minute of it.



I served a mission to the Northern Indian Mission. I returned in the fall of '73 and earned my B.A. degree from Weber State. I married Jan Stallings and we have had six children, Rex, 15, Michael, 13, Amy 10, Spencer, 7, Lance and Ryan, 5. I have worked at Ogden School District for the past 11 years as their purchasing agent. I have served in various church positions, a Sunday school teacher and am currently serving as athletic director. I enjoy traveling and all outdoor sports. We have taken up handcar racing. We are the state champions in the men and mixed division. We went to Sacramento, CA in '89 and '90 and took third place in the mixed division.



After high school, I graduated from B.Y.U. in elementary education and taught for 2+ years. I married Willes Thorne from Pleasant Grove in 1974 and off we went to New Orleans for medical school, San Antonio for residency, and Washington, D.C. for fellowship. The happiest moments of those years were when our daughter Allysa was born and the day we adopted our son Jeffrey. By contrast, the saddest moments were those days that we discovered each of them was handicapped. Allyssa was born with a profound hearing loss and Jeff has a neurological disorder called "A.D.H.D." Needless to say, my priority these many years has been my family.

My husband is now a pathologist at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Beaumont, a Lt. Col. in the Air Force Reserves, and a member of the bishopric. Allyssa has developed remarkable speech, is mainstreamed in the honors program at her school, and will be a cheerleader this fall. You should see her do a back flip off the high dive! Jeff is also an honors student, a cub scout, and a budding scientist. Watch for him in National Geographic this fall with his space tomato project. Besides my family, I spend my time as Stake Primary President and as a volunteer parent advocate for the handicapped. We also do foster care for pregnant teens from time to time and, of course, I'm still working on my elusive masters degree. I hope to have it before our 30th!



After graduation, I attended Weber State where I think I must have, from one time or another, majored in everything from art to psychology to tree surgery. In my spare time, I amused myself by producing some little stage productions and publishing some of my short stories (in a series of little paperbacks that I think must have been all of about a millimeter thick that I had to print myself). I my senior year, I was hired by Meridian Publishing as a commercial artist where I stayed for four years. Following that, I went to work for Carr Printing Co. in Bountiful as their "artist -in-residence" where I have been ever since. In April of '77, I married Diane Cowles (OHS '70). Since that time I dabbled a little in Commercial photography, published the "Entertainment Showcase" magazine, was beat out in the auditions for the original co-host for "PM Magazine Utah" and unsuccessfully negotiated a project with the curators of Hansen Planetarium in Salt Lake. I have two boys, Jason, 12, and Lance, 6, and reside in Roy.